Online Now: Understanding Emerging Payment App Options and More in the February Edition of Collector Magazine

2/5/2021 9:00 AM

Learn about topics important to the accounts receivable industry in the online edition of Collector.

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The February 2021 edition of Collector magazine is now available online.

Stories in this edition include:

What’s On Your Menu?, understanding the benefits and costs of offering emerging payment app options.

Speaking Up, how the collective voice of ACA’s membership can help shape public policy.

Calculating Price Transparency, how hospitals and collection agency partners can ensure information is effectively communicated to consumers.

Call Frequency Limitations, details on what the CFPB’s final rule constitutes as harassing, oppressive or abusive conduct.

And much more!

The online edition of Collector allows you to

  • Page through articles online instantly with no downloading required,
  • Click links for direct access to online content and advertiser information,
  • Share pages on social media sites and
  • Download a fully functional, stand-alone version for offline reading.

Subscriptions to the Collector magazine digital edition and email notifications for each new issue are available for ACA International members by logging in to ACA International’s website here. Members and nonmembers can also purchase a print subscription. Nonmembers can create a guest profile on ACA’s website to subscribe to available publications.




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