Navient Says Verdict in TCPA Case Stops Misleading Business Practices that Harmed its Customers


Last week’s jury verdict concludes Navient’s case against a law firm for convincing borrowers to stop making payments on their loans to prompt phone calls from the servicer.

8/24/2021 9:30

Student loan servicer Navient received a favorable verdict in a 2019 case, Navient Solution LLC v. The Law Offices of Jeffrey Lohman et al., in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia last week.

Navient was awarded over $1 million in damages. The defendant has two weeks to file any post-trial motions.

Navient alleged Lohman’s office helped foster TCPA lawsuits by encouraging borrowers to stop making payments on their loans to generate phone calls, ACA International previously reported.

Navient also alleged Lohman’s office provided scripts for borrowers to read when they received a call about their account that instructed the student loan servicer to stop calling.

“We are pleased with the outcome and are particularly pleased that we were able to put an end to what we considered to be misleading practices,” according to a statement from Navient provided to ACA. “Navient brought this case in part to stop what it saw as misleading business practices that harmed Navient customers. These practices included false promises about providing debt relief and led to some Navient customers becoming delinquent and even defaulting on their student loans.”

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