Members Are Reading: The Top Ten Trending SearchPoint documents for June

ACA SearchPoint is filled with documents that put important compliance information at your fingertips!

7/10/2019 9:30 AM

Members Are Reading: The Top Ten Trending SearchPoint<sup>™</sup> documents for June

ACA’s SearchPoint library, available exclusively to members, covers core industry topics including the FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA, state laws and many others. With over 230 documents, our SearchPoint library is continually updated to ensure accurate, reliable, and timely information.  ACA’s SearchPoint is the tool most used by industry peers and is one of the highest viewed web pages on ACA’s website.

With over 27,734 page views as of June 2019, ACA’s compliance department is providing you with the top ten most accessed SearchPoint documents read by members each month. Download a SearchPoint document today!

Top Ten SearchPoints of June

  1. #3005 Interstate Chart 
  2. #3048 Special Text Required Notice
  3. #2008 Special Text Statutes
  4. #1122 Statute of Limitations
  5. #1255 State Credit Reporting Laws
  6. #2015 State Interest Rates
  7. #1119 Statute of Limitations Collecting Out-of-Statute Debts
  8. #2037 State Record Maintenance Requirements
  9. #1158 Medical Debts Statute of Limitations and Interest
  10. #2026 Statute of Limitations: Effects of Partial Payments or Promises to Pay

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