Melissa Nash Named President of Florida Collectors Association


Nash, president and CEO of Accounts Receivables Inc., will serve as leader of the state unit in 2018-2019.

10/25/2018 14:00

The Florida Collectors Association recently appointed Melissa Nash as president for the 2018-2019 term.

Nash, president and CEO of ARI – Accounts Receivables Inc. in West Palm Beach, Fla. since 2007, said she is excited to expand her leadership role within the organization.

“I am honored to represent our industry with the goal of keeping the price for goods and services low, while making credit less expensive and more available,” Nash said in a news release. “FCA represents highly trained professionals skilled at amicably resolving accounts and helping to restore consumers’ financial good standing. We provide the specialized expertise to governments and small businesses to recover money necessary for their survival.”

As president of FCA, Nash will be responsible for the nonprofit’s advocacy, which promotes lawful consumer debt collection for creditors and government. The FCA provides its members with education and training, promotes ethical professional conduct and acts as a voice in business, legal, regulatory and legislative matters.

“Ernst & Young (in the Economic Impact of Third-Party Debt Collection study for ACA International) reported that the FCA has a direct impact to the state’s economy of approximately $3.4 billion annually and generates more than 8,000 jobs with a payroll of more than $324 million. I am proud to play a role in this and am excited for the year ahead,” Nash added.

In addition to installing Nash as president, the Florida Collectors Association also named its new board of directors for the 2018-2019 term:

  • Jack Brown III., president of Gulf Coast Collection Bureau in Sarasota and president of ACA International
  • Albert Rookard, president and chief operating officer of Armada Corp. in Wenatchee, Wash. (Affiliate Member)
  • David Kelley, CEO and president of The Preferred Group of Tampa in Tampa
  • Michael Debski, president of Debski & Associates PA in Jacksonville
  • Jeff Powell, Gulf Coast Collection Bureau in Sarasota
  • Julie Thompson, director of operations for Lotane & Associates in Cocoa
  • Neal Jagoda, vice president of sales for VoApps in Atlanta, Ga. (Affiliate Member)
  • Matt Kiefer, chief officer of information, compliance and development at The Preferred Group of Tampa in Tampa
  • Chris Roach, Esq., special counsel for Adams & Reese LLP in Tampa
  • Mark Laurent, senior director of portfolio services at Grand Vacation Services LLC in Orlando
  • Pam Kirchner, president and CEO of BCA Financial Services in Miami.

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