Make Your Voice Heard at the 2017 Washington Insights Conference

3/3/2017 11:45 AM

The three-day conference is an important opportunity to interact with regulators and elected officials, including new members of the Trump administration, about top issues facing the credit and collection industry.


ACA International’s annual event on Capitol Hill, the Washington Insights Conference, is fast-approaching and registration is now open for members to attend and make their voices heard with their elected representatives and federal regulators.

The Washington Insights Conference, May 2-4, 2017 at the Loews Madison Hotel in Washington, D.C., will feature presentations by members of Congress and regulators as well as coordinated appointments for members to connect with representatives on Capitol Hill.

Now more than ever, it is important for our industry to stand together and have our voice heard by new members of the Trump administration and decision-makers in Washington.

These meetings will advance the advocacy in the credit and collection industry and bring more focus to the issues it faces that members can document through ACA International’s All InTM program.

Records of participation in all such advocacy efforts will be tracked when submitted by members through ACA’s All InTM program page on ACA International’s website. By submitting a brief summary of legislative activities, the result, as well as their company name and location, members will qualify for recognition through the All InTM program

The Washington Insights Conference is an exclusive opportunity for members of ACA to meet with government officials in person and have critical dialogue about the state of the industry and how to work together as more changes from regulators such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Federal Communications Commission are expected to occur.

Attending this meeting will ensure that you are informed about what is coming for our industry and there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and dive deep into how you can best be prepared to meet the demands your business will face in 2017 and beyond. Your input will enable your elected representatives to understand what changes they can make to fix the problems with our current debt collection laws.

Announcements on speakers at the Washington Insights Conference are coming soon. Check ACA’s website and the ACA Daily newsletter for regular updates on the can’t-miss event.

If you’re not a member of ACA International, now is the perfect time to join for access to exclusive industry events such as the Washington Insights Conference. Contact ACA International’s Customer Care Center at, (800) 269.1607 or visit the membership website for more information.

The Washington Insights Conference is sponsored by Payscout Accounts Receivable Management.

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