Industry Experts Discuss Disturbing Rise in Legitimate Business Calls Being Improperly Blocked and Mislabeled as “Scam Calls” at ACA’s Fall Forum & Expo

9/12/2017 1:45 PM

ACA 2017 Fall Forum & Expo attendees will hear how well-meaning efforts to curb “robocalls” are resulting in a growing number of legitimate calls being misclassified as “scam calls,” the hugely negative impacts of this on business operations, and the status of industry efforts to develop a solution.


As consumer “robocall” complaints continue to escalate, regulators have turned their focus to technological solutions to stop illegal calls from reaching consumers. After being given the green light by the Federal Communications Commission in the July 2015 TCPA Ruling and Order, carriers and other providers have begun offering consumers various robocall blocking tools. Although well-intentioned, legitimate businesses are discovering their calls are showing up on consumer phones as “suspected scam” or are even being blocked outright. 

Join Michele Shuster, Partner at Mac Murray & Shuster LLP and General Counsel for the Professional Association of Customer Engagement, along with Karl Koster, Chief IP and Regulatory Counsel for Noble Systems Corporation, to hear first-hand insights about this critical issue at ACA’s 2017 Fall Forum & Expo in Chicago.

During their session, “Developments in Robocall Blocking,” Shuster and Koster will discuss the various approaches being deployed by voice service providers related to call blocking and labeling, along with the unanticipated negative impacts to subscribers and call originators.  This can’t-miss session will discuss the many efforts underway, how they relate to long-term solutions being considered, and the status of industry efforts to fix this problem.

The misclassification of legitimate business calls as scams and the blocking of such calls is a serious issue that threatens the fundamental ability of debt collectors to communicate with consumers to share important account information. ACA is committed to finding a way to put an end to the unintended consequences of “robocall blocking,” which has the potential to be devastating to individual businesses and to the industry as a whole. In addition to outreach already underway, ACA will be actively participating in a “Communication Protection Coalition” meeting this month in Washington, D.C. in an effort to develop a collaborative strategy to devise a solution to this issue. ACA will also be communicating directly with its members about sharing their experiences related to mistakenly blocked and/or misclassified calls.

ACA’s 2017 Fall Forum & Expo will be at held at the Loews Chicago on Nov. 1-3.  The early-bird registration deadline is Oct. 2, and regular registration is open through Oct. 27. Late and onsite registration is available until the day of the event.  As the credit and collection industry leader, ACA International provides your best chance to stay informed on how regulatory and legislative changes will directly affect the way you do business, as well as providing consistent and timely education at Fall Forum.

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