Identity Thieves Posing as Debt Collectors Cause Uptick in Scams in Ohio

9/25/2015 11:00:00 AM

Identity theft was the fastest growing complaint at the state and local level in the U.S. in 2014. ACA International has resources available for consumers to know more about legitimate debt collection efforts and their rights.


Identity thieves posing as fraudulent debt collectors on the phone are causing consumer scams to continue to increase in Ohio.

In the last two years, identity theft has been the top form of consumer fraud in Ohio, according to an article from New America Media.

The article cites an example of a consumer receiving multiple calls from a supposed debt collector demanding that a consumer settle a payday loan.

The consumer knew he paid the loan, but was alarmed because the caller stated details about the source of the loan, the date and the amount, according to the article.

He received a call several days later with a threat that he would be taken to court and have to pay $5,000 bond.

Legitimate debt collectors are not consumers' enemies are not interested pursuing a debt that is not owed. By law, the collector must inform you of your right to dispute the debt and request written verification if requested. Once sought, all collection activity stops until this proof is provided.

ACA International's Ask Doctor Debt website has resources for consumers to better understand debt collection and their rights.

According to the 2014 Consumer Complaint Survey Report, the most common consumer complaints made to state and local consumer agencies continue to be auto-related problems, and identity theft was the fastest-growing complaint at the state and local level in 2014, ACA International reported.

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