Health Care Providers Voice is Critical to Medical Debt Legislation Advocacy


ACA International grassroots campaign advocates against legislation that could create limitations to providing patient care and communication about their medical expenses. Editor’s note: This content is available to members only.

1/15/2020 9:00

Health care providers have the opportunity to participate in ACA International’s grassroots campaign aimed at stopping potentially damaging legislation that could impact medical billing and cause barriers in the ability to provide care to people of all means.

Setting the record straight with Congress requires all hands-on deck.

To protect your business, take action by clicking below to contact your U.S. Representative TODAY and ask him or her to vote NO on H.R. 5330, which we expect will be on the House floor for a vote early this year.

Health Care Providers Voice is Critical to Medical Debt Legislation Advocacy

Sponsored by U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., H.R. 5330, the Consumer Protection for Medical Debt Collections Act, would also delay the ability to report medical debt to credit reporting agencies for ONE YEAR and would create a ban on reporting debt arising out of “medically necessary procedures.”

H.R. 5330 would add unprecedented and unresearched challenges to the work of health care providers and would prohibit collecting medical debt for at least two years. It is essential that patients are aware of their unpaid bills and options to resolve their accounts as soon as possible.

Now is the time for you to join us and engage with your member of Congress and their staff directly about the ways this legislation will create difficulties for consumers, medical providers, and the accounts receivable management industry. As job creators in your communities—and constituents—your voice is of the utmost importance in this debate.

Simply put, H.R. 5330 could create unprecedented barriers to health care operations.

Click the button below to contact your member of Congress.

Health Care Providers Voice is Critical to Medical Debt Legislation Advocacy

For questions about this legislation contact ACA’s Vice President and Senior Counsel, Federal Advocacy Leah Dempsey at [email protected].

Advocacy opportunities are also available at the upcoming Washington Insights Fly-In, May 19-21, in Washington, D.C. Registration is open now and stay tuned for more details about speakers and meetings on Capitol Hill.