From the Web: Positive Consumer Communication

ACA International Certified Instructor Beth Conklin shares her core guidelines for that first call with a consumer.

8/9/2019 6:30 AM

From the Web: Positive Consumer Communication

There is significant importance in the first conversation with a consumer, ACA International Certified Instructor Beth Conklin, account executive at State Collection Service Inc., explained in an article from PDCflow.

“There are practices agents can follow to make sure contact with consumers is successful as possible,” Conklin said.

Preparing in advance and reviewing each account before picking up the phone help increase your chances of making consumer contact on the first call, she said.

Conklin also reviews what to request during a first call, such as updated contact details and demographics, and as much comprehensive information about a consumer's finances and income as possible.

To keep in contact with a consumer, remember the importance of listening skills, building rapport and empathy to understand their situation, Conklin said.

Read more on word choice when communicating with consumers in Collection Tips by ACA’s Compliance and Education Specialist Angela Czerlanis in the June issue of Collector magazine and a profile of Conklin as a Certified Instructor in the February issue.

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