From Collector: The Advocates

9/12/2017 12:40 PM

How ACA International's business lawyer, regulatory counsel and litigation counsel work together to advance member interests.


Great advice and counsel can help a business navigate challenging waters, and ACA International is fortunate to be able to rely on the experience and dedication of its three full-time legal experts: Vice President and General Counsel Kris Hansel, Corporate Counsel Karen Scheibe Eliason and Vice President and Senior Counsel of Regulatory Affairs Maria Wolvin.

Collector magazine editor Anne Rosso May sat down with each of these team members to learn a little more about their backgrounds as well as how their important legal skills and roles positively impact the credit and collection industry—and your business.

Hansel, Scheibe Eliason and Wolvin discussed a typical work day for ACA, how their roles impact members, rewards, challenges and more.

“Consider me an understated ACA champion,” said Hansel, who is based in the association’s Minneapolis office. “Though most of my work is done behind the scenes, I am working exclusively and tirelessly for ACA’s collective interests daily.”

Scheibe Eliason, also based in ACA’s Minneapolis office, always knew that being a lawyer would be her life’s work.

“My day always starts with reviewing recent court decisions around the country involving credit and collection industry litigation topics,” Scheibe Eliason said.

She also spends a fair amount of time helping to determine the association’s litigation advocacy needs and monitors cases ACA supports through the Industry Advancement Program.

In Washington, D.C., Maria Wolvin leads the association’s regulatory advocacy efforts, including creating and implementing ACA’s federal regulatory strategy.

“In my role, I cover the activity of federal regulators that impact the credit and collection industry,” Wolvin said. “This primarily includes the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission’s handling of the TCPA.”

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