From Collector: Reigniting Member Engagement

ACA International President Roger Weiss shares his goals for what will be a big year in the accounts receivable management industry.

8/9/2019 8:00 AM

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From Collector: Reigniting Member Engagement

With his induction at ACA International’s 80th anniversary Convention & Expo complete, new president Roger Weiss, IFCCE, president of CACi, shares his goals for ACA and membership growth in his inaugural column published in the August issue of Collector magazine:

“As I step into the role of 2019-2020 ACA International president, I am humbled and overwhelmed by the droves of supporters we have in the accounts receivable management industry for our association’s leadership team.

First, I want to continue the efforts initiated under the Rick Perr and Jack Brown presidencies. We all recognize that consistency will lead to more harmony within the association. Not too many years ago, we had several members who were less-than-pleased with ACA’s direction. I firmly believe the current staff and leadership have made all the difference in the world. Today we have great opportunities to provide members with resources to help them run their businesses more efficiently and compliantly than ever before. This is going to lead to association growth.

However, this growth is not going to happen on its own. It’s incumbent upon us to make that growth happen.

You will hear me preach Every Member Get A Member (#EMGAM) frequently.

ACA provides an abundance of resources that are not available anywhere else. I believe that each of us knows an agency owner, an affiliate, an attorney, a creditor or an asset buyer who could benefit tremendously from what ACA has to offer. These individuals or companies may already be ACA members, but just not active members.

Part of EMGAM is to not only get new members, but to help dormant members come back to life within the association.

We will continue to expand and modernize ACA’s educational opportunities. We have a wave of new Certified Instructors who are ready to connect with younger generations. We will see new webinars, teleseminars and podcasts. We will continue to see the best content delivered to our members that is affordable to the smallest shops and relevant to the largest operators.

Next, ACA’s Industry Advancement Program (IAP) will continue to take our fight to courtrooms across the country and support cases that make rippling, impactful decisions to our entire industry. IAP is one of the most successful initiatives in ACA history, in my opinion, and I can’t wait to see the impacts we are going to deliver next.

All these goals are very much aligned with ACA’s strategic plan, which we are reviewing at the staff and board level all the time. We need you to stay involved, get your employees involved, and finally, EMGAM!”

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