From Collector: Meet Your Certified Instructor

How Cortney Fleming developed a passion for training and teaching.

4/18/2019 8:00 AM

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From Collector: Meet Your Certified Instructor

Cortney Fleming, hiring and training manager, junior compliance officer at Wilber & Associates, P.C., has taught 14 seminars for ACA International in her two years as a Certified Instructor. Here is an excerpt from an interview with Fleming in Collector magazine.

Where Does Your Passion for Training and Teaching Come From?

My passion comes from wanting to see others do well. If I’m successful, I really want everyone around me to share in that sense of pride. In our office we just revamped our recruiting process, and we used a book called The Ideal Team Player by Patrick Lencioni, which says that the ideal team member is hungry, humble and smart.

My humble scores were very high. I’m very other-centered. I know that nothing can be accomplished with just me—we all must work together to accomplish the goal. If I’m not sharing my knowledge and experiences, we’re not going to grow as a team. I’ve always enjoyed working with others. When I set a personal goal, I find I have to have someone to come along with me on the journey, whether it’s a fitness goal or reading books or attending classes, so it’s not just me reaching the goal or getting the certificate, it’s the two of us as a team.

How Would You Describe One of Your ACA Classes?

If you haven’t taken an ACA class with me, I’d say you are in for a treat. I have a lot of energy. Some may say it’s coffee, but once you get to know me you realize this is just who I am. When I’m teaching, I’m excited about the opportunity to share information with others. We review the prepared material for the topic, and as I’m discussing it, I’m watching the audience, looking for light bulbs going off or side conversations about how to implement a certain function.

Once people start sharing with each other, it becomes an open floor where they can talk about how their offices handle an issue. They might describe what works well for them or something they tried that didn’t work. I always encourage people to share their knowledge so everyone leaves with ideas and inspiration.

Read more about Fleming’s contribution to the association as a Certified Instructor in Collector magazine’s Education Spotlight.

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