From Collector: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Hey, third-party collection agencies! You can be the solution to health care providers’ biggest headaches. Here are some pain points your sales team should be prepared to discuss.

4/23/2019 9:30 AM

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From Collector: Just What the Doctor Ordered

As an accounts receivable management professional, you are well aware that marketing and selling your services is more complicated than the approaches used by companies that make, say, cereal or smartphones.

Unlike these delicious and flashy products, collection services are intangible, and the sales process is complex, Marc Trezza, president of Search Net Corp., writes in the April issue of Collector magazine.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the health care market. Patient accounts managers know that engaging a new collection agency requires a leap of faith.

Providers are never certain what they will get; whether the agency will deliver on its promises or whether the process will work well with their culture or for their accounts.

Providers consider all these questions before they sign on with an agency.

Health care providers want to find an expert they can trust to deal with problems they haven’t even imagined yet. They want a strategic partner that will make them look good and improve their job security. An expert they can trust isn’t just an agency with state-of-the-art technology and a great track record.

This is what health care providers are thinking about the success stories you tell them: “Just because you did well for those five references doesn’t mean you will do well for me.”

To build trust with a prospective health care provider client, you must be collaborative, listen well, have a long-term perspective and, above all, continually have the client’s best interests in mind, Trezza reports.

At the root, you must really care about the prospect—not just closing a deal.

How is this process viewed in the eyes of health care buyers, and is your sales approach in tune with that reality?

According to Trezza, it’s important to ask yourself some definitive self-assessment questions about the quality and professionalism of your sales approach. He provides tips to answer questions effectively, and more importantly, areas of knowledge your salesperson should study to be able to engage in meaningful discussions with potential clients.

He also provides an overview of questions provider clients and health care buyers will likely ask about results they can expect from working with your agency.

The most successful salespeople will be those who modify their sales strategy according to the specific buyer they are soliciting, Trezza writes. By understanding the buyer’s experience and perspective on key issues and developing real-world, substantive, collaborative solutions based on that prospect’s aspirations about agency relationships, you will be adopting the type of buyer-based selling that will help you get and keep profitable clients, excellent references and ongoing sources of new business.

Read more tips on health care sales in the April issue of Collector magazine.

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