From Collector: Behind the Scenes

Angela Czerlanis, ACA’s compliance education specialist, talks about the process of creating educational content in a constantly evolving industry.

4/30/2019 8:00 AM

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From Collector: Behind the Scenes

What does it take to build an ACA International seminar from the ground up?

Collector magazine Managing Editor Anne Rosso May recently talked with Compliance Education Specialist Angela Czerlanis about ACA International’s courses and designing educational content for members for an interview in the April edition of Collector magazine.

Tell Us About Your Role at ACA.

I joined ACA three years ago to update courses with the new debt collection regulations. Since then, I’ve become the resident instructional designer for Campus ACA. I help bring our 23 Core courses to life and support our Certified Instructors and Trainer Specialists.

How Does ACA Design its Courses?

I listen. I’m always on webinars, extracting the Need to Know, Nice to Know, Where to Find It and How to Do It. Listening is my needs assessment. Every ACA member is an expert. When members contribute technical content, I say, “Tell me how this works in real life.” I follow the court cases and industry communication. When I put the pieces together, it’s all from ACA members.

What’s the Most Challenging Thing About Designing ACA’s Educational Content?

Getting the scope and timing right. Professional development time shouldn’t be a luxury, but time away from business is real. Instead of a lonely “protein bar” training at your desk, let’s make great small plates for a gathering of friends. This is your time with your peers. I want you to feel engaged, satisfied and leave wanting more. Webinars on compliance topics are challenging, but images, activities and live discussion help add flavor. Right now we’re working on games and videos. Sure, it’s adult learning science on purpose, but really it’s creating memorable experiences. That’s what makes the content stick.

What Course Have You Been Working on Most Recently? What’s Coming out this Year?

In 2018, we updated content and launched e-books for 15 courses, then created the new Credit and Collection Compliance Attorney designation and its four new courses. Check out our new course catalog online, too. 2019 is the year of our Essentials seminar series. The entire Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Essential Collection Skills and Techniques training library is getting an update, including technology. When that’s done, something tells me we’ll have a lot to work on when the CFPB’s proposed rules for our industry are released!

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