From Collector: Ask the Experts

Three ACA International award winners to tell us how they explain their work to people outside of the accounts receivable management industry.

6/25/2019 10:30 AM

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From Collector: Ask the Experts

The accounts receivable management industry may be unfamiliar to other professionals as well as consumers, leading to the question, how do you describe your job? ACA International members and award winners weigh in on the topic in the June issue of Collector magazine:

Jeff DiMatteo, president of American Profit Recovery. Winner of ACA’s 2018 All-In Award:

“I tell them: We’re a collection agency, plain and simple. [Insert uncomfortable look.] But we try to act as a mediator between a business and a consumer to resolve a legitimate past-due debt. We understand that no two situations are alike, and many people face financial challenges at some point in their life. We get involved to help both parties with respect and dignity, so at the end of the day both parties feel like we helped, and they can continue in a business relationship.”

Jay E. Gonsalves, IFCCE, president of Action Collection Agencies Inc. Winner of ACA’s 2018 All-In Award:

“I don’t use euphemisms. When people ask, I tell them I own a collection agency. Sure, every once in a while someone will say, ‘I hope you don’t

have my name in your files,’ but most of the time people understand the importance of what we do in a credit-based economy. I talk to a lot of small-business owners who tell me that their business has been hurt by customers who don’t pay for goods or services. They depend on people to meet their financial obligations, so they appreciate what we do because it’s so necessary to their survival.”

LaDonna Bohling, chief compliance officer, Contract Callers Inc. Winner of ACA’s 2018 Fred Kirschner Instructor Achievement Award:

“When asked about my work, responding with ‘I am a debt collector’ is an immediate turn off. I have found that approaching the subject from a creditor-value perspective encourages conversation, so I typically start with, ‘I work with creditors helping them recover past due or charged off accounts so they can keep costs down and meet their business goals.’ I usually follow with stats on the value of our industry to a credit-based economy.”

Learn more about ACA International’s member awards program. Winners of the 2019 awards will be announced at the 2019 Convention & Expo.

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