Emergency Contacts

Communicating with consumers during a natural disaster.

8/5/2019 2:00 PM

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Emergency Contacts

Do you know your agency’s communication response plan during a natural disaster? Natural disasters not only interrupt consumer communications, but they also impact community well-being. Depending on the disaster, your collection efforts may need to be modified or temporarily halted.

ACA International’s Compliance Education Specialist Angela Czerlanis has some suggestions for a communications strategy in Collection Tips, featured in the August issue of Collector magazine.

  • Review your company’s disaster response and communications plan on a regular basis. If your company doesn’t have a plan, rally the team and create one.
  • Debt collectors should work with their clients to determine how to service consumers faced with natural disasters and develop policies and procedures that prevent inconveniencing consumers during that difficult period.
  • If you do reach a consumer affected by a natural disaster, proceed with compassion. Document their circumstances in the account notes and update contact information as accurately as possible with a temporary housing address and a working phone number.

Read more tips from Czerlanis in Collector magazine, or ACA International members may access ACA SearchPoint on Natural Disasters.

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