Data Privacy Legislation on Deck in Washington State

Proposal reflects components of European Union General Data Protection Regulation, meaning it could be one of the strictest in the U.S., according to member company Mac Murray and Shuster LLP’s analysis.

2/28/2019 2:00 PM

Data Privacy Legislation on Deck in Washington State

As federal and state data privacy legislation actions continue, the Washington State Senate is among those with a proposal that would protect consumers’ data on the table.

The Washington Privacy Act (SB 5373) “would impose responsibilities on companies to protect the privacy of personal data,” according to a blog post from ACA International member company Mac Murray and Shuster LLP and partner Nick Whisler.

“The bill’s substantive provisions closely mirror those found in the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), making the potential legislation one of the most privacy protective in the United States,” Whisler writes.

Among the highlights of the proposed legislation, it would apply to entities conducting business in Washington and those outside of the state that “intentionally solicit the state’s residents for business,” according to Whisler.

While states consider their own data privacy legislation, federal proposals and discussions are in part focused on bills that would preempt state laws.

Just this week, Senate and House leaders met in hearings to explore federal data privacy standards to protect consumers.

Read more on those meetings and ACA International’s advocacy efforts to ensure the industry’s voice on federal data privacy is heard in coverage here.

“Whether the U.S. ultimately regulates data privacy at the federal or state level, or both, it’s abundantly clear that there is widespread support for privacy legislation. The real question is how broadly applicable and onerous these laws will be,” Whisler concludes in his article.

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