Coming Soon on ACA Cast: Figuring it Out: Health Care Billing Practices


Industry professionals Irene Hoheusle and Tim Haag connect on trends and challenges in the world of health care collections.

2/7/2020 11:00

Processing medical debt can be a challenging compliance obstacle, albeit not impossible to manage with appropriate training and information. Any accounts receivable management industry professionals who have faced trouble in this realm can finds solutions by listening to the next episode of ACA Cast, titled “Figuring it Out: Health Care Billing Practices.”

In this instructional episode, industry veterans Irene Hoheusle, vice president of collections and education with Account Recovery Specialists in Wichita, Kansas, and Tim Haag, president of State Collection Service in Madison, Wisconsin, discuss medical debt collections in light of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s proposed debt collection rule, credit reporting, and issues on Capitol Hill.

Tune in Tuesday, Feb. 11, to hear this discussion, which is a follow up to a well-attended session featuring a panel of experts including Hoheusle and Haag held at the 2019 ACA International Fall Forum & Expo in Chicago.

The episode will be available Tuesday, Feb. 8, via ACA Daily and on ACA’s website.

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