Advance Your Legal Education with New Six Part Series

ACA International and the MAP Committee created new teleseminars focused on the latest trends and issues for attorney members in the accounts receivable management industry. Discounted registration is available for the series through April 9.

4/4/2018 12:20 PM

Advance Your Legal Education with New Six Part Series

ACA International has created six new legal education teleseminars focused on issues and ongoing trends for attorney members including credit reporting disputes, robocalls, contracts, disclosures and more.

The Sigma 6 Compliance Legal Education Series, recently announced by the ACA International MAP Committee, is an opportunity for attorney members to learn from top industry instructors, ACA International staff and representatives of regulators such as the Federal Trade Commission.

ACA International is offering a discounted rate to attend the entire Sigma 6 Compliance Legal Education Series for only $400. The discounted bulk rate is available through April 9. Individual seminars are available for $89.

Kicking off the series April 10-11, Leslie Bender Esq., IFCCE, chief strategy officer and general counsel for BCA Financial Services Inc., Mark Colombell Esq., director at Thompson McMullan PC, and Thomas Pahl, Acting Director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, will lead the seminar: Looking Ahead in 2018 - Based Upon First Quarter 2018 Litigation and Regulatory Trends.

In the seminar featuring Pahl, who will also speak at the 2018 Washington Insights Conference, attendees will learn the latest on the enforcement and regulatory landscape at the federal level in this deregulatory environment. 

Upcoming Sigma 6 Teleseminars include:

June 12
Give a Hoot, Don’t Mess-Up a Dispute:  Credit Reporting Strategies for Defending and Preventing Claims

August 14
One Ringy Dingy: Robocalls, Call Frequency and Telephone Related Litigation Trends

October 9
Stop Mr. Postman – Wait a Minute!  Interest Language, Partial Payment Disclosures, and Other Recent Letter Litigation

December 11
Navigating Specialty Consumer Collection Traps and Gaps:  Handling accounts when consumers are represented by counsel, in bankruptcy, or estates/probate

February 12
Don’t Let the Contract Come Back to Bite You: Hot Button Issues to be Aware of When Reviewing Collection, Attorney Referral, Servicer or Vendor Contracts.

Register now for savings on the Sigma 6 compliance legal education seminars available through April 9. ACA International will provide more details on the upcoming sessions in ACA Daily and visit our online events calendar for updates.

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