Accommodating Consumers and Your Agency’s Policies and Procedures

What to do when a consumer asks you to do something that breaks compliance.

4/29/2019 9:30 AM

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Accommodating Consumers and Your Agency’s Policies and Procedures

As a debt collector, you have a lot of rules to follow, including when and where you can call consumers and what you can say when you get the right person on the phone.

A debt collection agency’s policies and procedures are rooted in state and federal laws designed to protect the consumer, so it can be confusing when a consumer asks you to do something that breaks the rules, Collector magazine Managing Editor Anne Rosso May reports.

If that’s what the consumer wants, shouldn’t you accommodate the request?

The answer, of course, is no. The law is the law, even if you don’t entirely understand it. Your agency’s policies are written to be ethical and fair in the eyes of the law, and the company is relying on you to uphold those policies.

The key to navigating situations like this is to be polite and tell consumers what you can do for them.

It’s easier to politely decline a consumer’s request when you’ve worked to build a good rapport with the consumer. Initial phrases to start the call with a consumer like, “How’s your day going?” and “I hope I’m not bothering you” can put the consumer at ease.

Read more tips for communicating with consumers and compliance in Collector magazine.

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