ACA’s First-Ever Women’s Workshop is the Networking Opportunity of the Season


ACA International’s sponsors and registered attendees of the Women’s Workshop share the importance of supporting the Nov. 3 event, which is held in conjunction with the 2021 Fall Forum.

10/18/2021 8:30

For Lacey Kuhlman, ACA International’s first-ever Women’s Workshop next month is a landmark networking opportunity for the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry and women professionals.

Starting in the industry as a young professional, Kuhlman said ACA’s national and unit events were an opportunity to connect with more women as they started their careers.

“I started in the collections industry as a very young professional, attending ACA national and unit level events. I would hear people say things like, ‘It’s a male dominated industry,’ and ‘You’re doing a great job, considering…’ I didn’t really understand what that meant until more women started showing up. Fifteen years later, a tribe of wonderful, confident, and capable women has emerged in the industry and the ACA community,” Kuhlman said.

The first-ever ACA Women’s Workshop is a goal-centered, engaging experience for women at every level of an organization. It will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Nov. 3 at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago, in conjunction with ACA’s Fall Forum.

“The Women’s Workshop is so exciting for the ARM industry. I feel that there was a time when women were hesitant to mingle with other women at these events. After all, to be successful in this industry you have to be tough as nails, and sometimes that means holding your cards close to your chest,” Kuhlman said. “Luckily that time has passed. I feel a true sisterhood of other women in the industry is growing and can’t wait to strengthen the bond and get to know some of them better at the ACA’s first Women’s Workshop in Chicago.”

Today Kuhlman is sales manager at Latitute by Genesys, one of the workshop’s sponsors. The Women’s Workshop is also sponsored by CCMR3 and Renkim.

This event will focus on identifying and overcoming challenges unique to women in the ARM industry.

“Whether it is influence, resilience or building strong professional relationships, participants will gain skills that will build them up and increase their confidence, allowing them to rise to any challenge and ultimately overcome any obstacle set in front of them,” said Debra Ciskey, IFCCE, executive vice president of CACi.

Heather Johnson of Klassen Performance Group will lead the workshop. It will be an energizing, empowering day focused on building new relationships, acquiring new skills and sharing best practices.

“ACA has engaged Johnson to lead us through interactive, life-changing experiences that we can all use in our lives inside and outside our work settings,” Ciskey said.

When asked why she is attending the Women’s Workshop, Mindy Chumbley, owner and manager at Solverity, said it’s an opportunity to connect with peers and learn.

“Our industry is facing incredible change and a shifting competitive landscape. It is vital for the health of our industry and our individual organizations to support each other as colleagues and to learn from one another,” Chumbley said. “I’m coming to the Women’s Workshop to be inspired and to encourage others. I believe there is an important place in the ARM industry for women and for the perspective and approach we can bring to industry.”

Sponsor Renkim is supporting the Women’s Workshop as an educational opportunity.

“As it becomes more difficult to navigate the ARM industry, we see more and more vendor partners walking away. It’s important to Renkim to continue to invest in our partners, our industry and ACA’s efforts of continuously educating our members,” said Rob Augg, vice president of business development and marketing at Renkim.

Exciting Opportunities at Fall Forum

Other highlights of this year’s Fall Forum include health care collections, legal education, Reg F sessions and a networking happy hour at SPIN Chicago to support the ACPAC administrative fund.

To register for just the Women’s Workshop, without Fall Forum, visit the webpage for the workshop.

Save even more now with the discounted prices for the event, with members and nonmembers saving over $200 on registration thanks to CCMR3’s diamond sponsorship.

For more information on ACA’s 2021 Fall Forum, you can visit the webpage here and see the comprehensive schedule and events list. Join us to connect with peers and get all the latest tips and info on the CFPB’s Reg F—the effective date is just around the corner on Nov. 30!

Thank you to our 2021 Fall Forum sponsors: Prodigal, Balto, Provana, Payscout Solutions by TextBeam Software, VoApps DirectDrop Voicemail, Maurice Wutscher, Debt$Net Collection Software.

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