Looking for a New Opportunity? ACA Units Need Attorney State Chairs for 2019-2020

Apply by Sept. 10 to volunteer as a liaison between ACA and state units while serving as the legal resource for fellow members.

8/8/2019 10:30 AM

Looking for a New Opportunity? ACA Units Need Attorney State Chairs for 2019-2020

ACA International is offering an exciting opportunity for member attorneys who are interested in expanding their careers by serving their state and regional units as part of the Attorney State Chair Program. The program is open for attorney members who want to serve as a legal resource in their unit while building communication and engagement at the federal, state and local levels.

The Attorney State Chair Program is designed to be an adjunct to state and regional units and to ensure the participants are an integral part of the unit leadership team.

Applicants must be an attorney licensed to practice law in their state, an attorney and unit member in good standing. 

The Attorney State Chair Program Application may be filled out online and submitted by email to unitservices@acainternational.org by Sept. 10. Additional requirements and details about the Attorney State Chair Program are available in the application. 

Under the Attorney State Chair program, volunteer leaders will serve as a liaison between ACA International and the affiliated state/regional unit members, and as a leader looked upon to strengthen relationships and partnerships between attorneys and their member clients. Under the Attorney State Chair program, volunteer leaders will:

  • Serve as a legal resource and reference by participating in conversations with unit members to help with industry-related legal and compliance questions and legal referrals when appropriate. 
  • Work on legislative advocacy by engaging members in national legislative efforts. Help mobilize efforts in a state when needed, as well as identify specific statewide legislative issues.
  • Assist in educating the unit membership on legislation, regulations, laws, ordinances and judicial decisions.
  • Identify important and industry-significant legal issues occurring in a state, allowing ACA to assess the issues and, where possible, avoid bad case law that may impact the industry on a regional or national basis.

ACA units will be reviewing applications and making appointments in September.  The Attorney State Chair term runs for one year beginning Oct. 1.

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