ACA Seeks Unit Award Nominations and Audits

The deadline is March 1, 2019.

2/7/2019 11:30 AM

ACA Seeks Unit Award Nominations and Audits

Each year, ACA International recognizes the accomplishments of its affiliated state and regional collectors associations (units) at the association’s convention and in Collector magazine. The unit honors, which include the Unit Leader of the Year Award and the Unit Certificate of Excellence, recognize accomplishments during the calendar year. Nominations and audits for accomplishments during the Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2018, year are due March 1, 2019.

The Unit Leader of the Year Award recognizes the member who has made the most outstanding contribution to his or her unit during the past one to two years. Unit officers and directors, the ACA International Council of Delegates and the Board of Directors may submit 2018 nomination forms.

A selection panel of active unit leaders, appointed annually by ACA’s president, chooses the recipients. It’s not mandatory for panelists to bestow an award but they are limited to choosing one finalist in each of four size categories based on the number of unit members: 35 members and under; 36 65 members; 66-100 members; and 101 members or more.

The Unit Certificate of Excellence recognizes units committed to excellence in local operations. It provides a self-audit tool for evaluation and is intended to spark dialogue within units about what components make up an “excellent” unit.

The program is for all units, regardless of size. Units numbering as few as 26 members to more than 200 members have earned certificates in the past. Units are urged to submit a 2018 audit for certificate consideration, though participation is voluntary. Ask your unit’s president about your state association’s participation.

Some units find it helpful to use the audit as a unit/board development guide throughout the year. The audit form can be requested anytime or downloaded from the ACA website by logging in and selecting About > Member Awards > Unit Honors.

On the honor system, unit presidents, or their designees, assign and tally points to complete the audit for 2018 unit accomplishments. The categories are communications, education, government affairs, membership and general operations. Although a minimum of 60 percent of total points is required, individual unit scores are not disclosed.

The 2018 Unit Leader of the Year Award will be presented at ACA’s 2019 Annual Convention in San Diego and will be published in Collector magazine.

Units earning a 2018 Unit Certificate of Excellence will also be announced in Collector magazine.

For more information or to request forms, contact Andrew Madden at (202)547-2681 or

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