ACA Members Launch Podcast on ARM Industry Issues

In episode one, Kelly Knepper-Stephens and Nicole Strickler discuss “The Letter Dilemma” and common letter language issues.

10/9/2018 8:00 AM

ACA Members Launch Podcast on ARM Industry Issues

Nicole Strickler and Kelly Knepper-Stephens are taking their legal and accounts receivable management industry expertise to the airwaves in a new podcast, “Two ‘DEBTicated’ Attorneys: A Podcast for the ARM Industry,” launched in September.

In each episode, Knepper-Stephens, general counsel and chief compliance officer at Stoneleigh Recovery Associates LLC, and Strickler, shareholder at Messer Strickler LTD, will share the often competing considerations of industry issues from the perspective of in-house counsel and an outside defense counsel, according to their website.

Strickler and Knepper-Stephens analyzed common letter dilemmas in the industry for the first episode airing Sept. 24.

“I think one big problem that we are faced with as collection agencies is the content of our collection letters and what happens when a case arises in a particular jurisdiction that has a huge impact on our letters and the content of our letters,” Knepper-Stephens said.

To help, Strickler suggests working with outside counsel for letter reviews and accessing resources such as ACA International’s Members Attorney Program to connect with industry professionals who can help.

She adds reviewing letter language on an annual basis, if not more often, is critical.

Listen to the complete podcast here and read more about industry podcasts in the upcoming December issue of Collector magazine.

Knepper-Stephens and Strickler also shared insights on this issue during ACA International’s Sigma 6 seminar for attorney members: “Stop Mr. Postman -- Wait a Minute! Interest Language, Partial Payment Disclosures, and Other Recent Letter Litigation”, along with ACA International’s Vice President and General Counsel Issa Moe at 1 p.m. Central Oct. 9.

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