ACA Cast: A Leg Up on FDCPA Compliance

ACA International’s compliance team reviews highlights from the new FDCPA Compliance Guide, including updated case law and excerpts from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s proposed debt collection rule.

10/31/2019 8:00 AM

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ACA Cast: A Leg Up on FDCPA Compliance

The text of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and a breakdown of its compliance requirements are at your fingertips in the comprehensive, revised guide from ACA International.

ACA’s compliance team, including Corporate Counsel Kari Barber and Compliance Analysts Laura Dadd and Andrew Pavlik, discussed the new guide in a recent episode of ACA Cast. You can also learn more about the guide from staff in the Expo Hall at the upcoming 2019 Fall Forum & Expo, Nov. 6-8 in Chicago.

The industry-specific guide, available in eBook form, is a fresh take on the crucial information that will make complying with the current state of the law easier and prepare your agency for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s final rule (Regulation F.)

Barber, Pavlik and Dadd worked to incorporate provisions of the CFPB’s proposed rule into the guide to give companies a look at how they may have to adapt their policies and procedures.

The new guide features:

  • The law as it currently stands, and requirements set forth under each section;
  • A discussion surrounding the CFPB’s notice of proposed rulemaking issued in May 2019 and how it could potentially change the current state of the law;
  • Updated case citations; and
  • An appendix that includes model forms provided with the notice of proposed rulemaking.

“We’ve added a lot of new case law in this particular version of the guide,” Pavlik said.

For example, the guide features new circuit court decisions, analysis from the U.S. Supreme Court on issues such as judicial vs. non-judicial foreclosures as well as definitions that may be in place as a result of the CFPB’s proposed rule.

“This new guide gives our members opportunities to really see how things may be impacted by the rule but also the current state of the law,” Pavlik said.

This valuable resource for accounts receivable management professionals also analyzes how to communicate with consumers using consumer-preferred modern technology, such as email.

View more information on the FDCPA Compliance Guide through ACA’s online store and contact Member Services at (800) 269-1607 or with any questions.

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