Thank you for considering ACA International membership for your business. Company membership is open to third-party debt collectors, outsourced first-party debt collectors, billing companies, asset buyers, judgment recovery, and litigation and collection or creditor defense law firms located in the 50 United States. Each company membership is limited to a single location.

Company Membership

Why does your state/location matter?

ACA company membership is available by location. Each office wanting ACA member benefits must complete an application and pay dues.

For companies in the United States, membership is a combined package of national plus unit benefits provided by 34 state and regional collectors associations (units) affiliated with ACA. U.S. unit dues vary from state to state and are paid in addition to the current U.S. national dues. Multi-office discounts are available (see bullet point below).

Additional Applicant Information: 

  • You may pay by check or credit card. ACA accepts MasterCard, Visa or American Express.
  • State/regional units are your local source for information, education, networking, legislative advocacy and more. ACA company membership in the U.S. consists of this combined (ACA+Unit) benefits package. It is not possible to join at only one level.
  • The Members' Attorney Progam is now a benefit included with membership. If you are an attorney working at a member location, complete and return a MAP participation form so we can grant you access to our attorney-specific online community on The Hub.
  • The membership applications are in an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. To open a PDF file, you need Adobe Acrobat software on your computer. To download a free version, visit the Adobe website.

Membership Structure and Dues:

Membership Level (# of people*)Membership FeesPlus IAP**

Plus Unit Dues

(Different per Unit. Please click dropdown above and select your state. See page 6 of the membership application for specific fees.)


*The current number of people as defined here are to include the number of individuals working for the company at the time of application, where “individuals” includes owners, sole proprietors, members, and partners, and all employees across all offices of the company wherever located, as well as employees outside of the United States, including both collection and non-collection staff, and including leased, joint, subcontracted, and temporary employees, as well as employees located outside of the U.S. A diversified law firm may exclude individuals working solely in practice areas unrelated to accounts receivable management.

**The Industry Advancement Fund assessment is paid by all members. The industry favorable laws and precedent setting court decisions ACA obtains through the IAP in the US impact, in turn, global credit and collection trends and laws, and help protect the long term viability of the industry. 

Additional Resources:

Questions? Contact Member Services at or call (800) 269-1607 and press zero.

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