Attorney Membership

Attorney Division membership enables licensed attorneys engaged in legal representation of creditors or accounts receivable management businesses (such as collection agencies) to better represent their clients.

Please Note: When attorneys or law firms are engaged in the collection  of consumer debt, including via litigation, on behalf of others, they must apply for Company membership—and are ineligible for Attorney Division membership.

If you are eligible for this new division, you will find it is a flexible membership suited to your needs—you may join individually or add additional members by joining as an organization. For example, the first level of attorney-organization membership covers up to 24 attorneys working for the same firm, regardless of location. 

To apply today, select the application link below. ACA’s membership year is Jan. 1 – Dec. 31. If you apply mid-year, you still pay full annual dues. If a prorated credit applies when your membership is made effective, it will be reflected on your next year’s renewal invoice. Memberships approved during the fourth quarter (after Oct. 1) will include the remaining weeks of this year at no additional cost and are good through the Dec. 31 of the next membership year.

Attorney Division Application*

Attorney Division members enjoy access to popular ACA benefits including (but not limited to) exclusive member access to the ACA SearchPoint® compliance library; participation in the attorneys-only (MAP) interest group at The Hub, ACA’s online community; and significant member discounts on ACA education, events and products.  For instance, the Credit and Collection Compliance Officer courses and designation may be of interest to you.

Membership Structure and Dues: 

Membership LevelMembership FeesTotal
Individual MembershipDues = $309 + IAP** = $100$409
Tier 1 (2-24)Dues = $618 + IAP** = $200$818
Tier 2 (25-99)Dues = $1,751 + IAP** = $450$2,201
Tier 3 (100+)Dues = $3,606 + IAP** = $900$4,506

**The Industry Advancement Fund assessment is paid by all members. The industry favorable laws and precedent setting court decisions ACA obtains through the IAP in the
US impact, in turn, global credit and collection trends and laws, and help protect the long term viability of the industry. 

* To open a PDF file, you might need to install Adobe Reader .

Questions? Contact Member Services via or by calling toll free (800) 269-1607 and press zero.



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