HOT TOPIC: Conversation Drip: Where A.I. Reveals Your Collectors Are Leaving Money On The Table

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Marc Bernstein

St. Louis, MO

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Melanie Hessler

Senior Account Executive
St. Louis, MO

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If you’re a collection shop, your product is a conversation that results in a payment for your client. Because your product is a two-way conversation, it’s fully reliant on the performance of your people. While people have many strengths, consistency isn’t one of them.
In this webinar, you’ll learn where A.I. has uncovered the biggest risks in your collection conversations and the places where collectors are leaving money on the table.  

We’re going to apply data, sales knowledge, and habit formation psychology to give you the 4 steps you can take immediately to find and plug these financial drips that are happening in your conversations. You’ll learn how these steps can give you a handle on your QA & coaching, increase your collections, decrease your legal risks, and set your agency apart in the industry.
You’ll leave this webinar excited, empowered, and equipped to apply the material we discuss. 

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