HOT TOPIC: Life Lessons You Learn as a Debt Collector

(2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Central)

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LaDonna Bohling

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Life Lessons you learn as a debt collector or Everything I need to know I learned as a debt collector Your early education years and time in spent in college was obviously time well spent. You learn a lot, but there is little focus on life navigation skills? You learned Handwriting? Who cares about handwriting? Especially in the paperless or less paper world we are living it today.What about geometry, how often does that skills get you through an obstacle life throws at you (although there is a pride factor in knowing how to identify a scalene triangle)? It’s the job of a collector that gives you “life skills” that are transferable no matter where the journey takes you. For example, people skills, time management, budgeting, money management, and most important, how manage your emotions and work with the emotions of others In this session you will learn: Time Management (time is money) Preparing for a Rainy Day Attentive Listening is key to creating a dialogue How to identify and control emotions Taking care of you while putting the needs of others first
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