HOT TOPIC: Frontline Collection Skills: Successful Strategies from ACA's Instructor Team!

(1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Central)

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LaDonna Bohling

Chief Compliance Officer
Receivable Solutions, Inc.
Columbia, SC

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Debra Ciskey

Executive Vice President
The Collections Coach, LLC
Barnhart, MO

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Irene Hoheusle

Vice President of Collections and Education
Account Recovery Specialists, Inc.
Wichita, KS

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Michael O'Meara Esq.

The O'Meara Law Office, PS.
Everett, WA

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Why Should I Attend?

Members all across the country attend educational programs presented by ACA’s esteemed Certified Instructor faculty.  This dynamic group of educators has been taking the lead with ACA programming for decades.  Many have attended their webinars and some have had the pleasure of seeing them live and in person at an ACA conference or unit meeting.

Join us for this engaging "Ted Talk" style webinar and hear from four of our seasoned instructors offering some of their insight and strategies that can help your frontline staff and the in-house trainers that educate them.  Guaranteed to offer some gems that you can take away and apply within your organization!  

Look for a series of these instructor-led Hot Topic programs in 2020!

De-Escalation: It Takes a Certain Charm - Irene Hoheusle

When a situation seems out of control, it takes a certain charm to de-escalate.  It also takes control to know when it’s time to move on because de-escalation is not an option.  Knowing how to recognize a call is about to escalate and what to do to avoid this situation to begin with also takes a certain charm.

Making the Connection with Empathy - Debra Ciskey

Learn how to make more productive connections with consumers using empathy.  We will discuss different types of empathy and provide examples that you can use right away!

My Bad, Killed the Conversation - LaDonna Bohling

Without the comfort of face to face contact, seemingly harmless everyday language can be a turnoff to a consumer and stack the cards against you when trying to build rapport and negotiate.  Let’s explore these words and phrases to find a better way of communicating.

Negotiation Skills - Michael O'Meara

To be truly successful as a debt collector will require you to master both the art and science of effective communications and negotiations.  Every debt collector can improve performance through production and production through performance.

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