November 3-5, 2021

The Fall Forum is a signature Chicago-based ACA event bringing members together for a final gathering to recap the year and look forward to the next. Join us at the Hyatt Regency Chicago for three tracks of education featuring:

Education Tracks

Regulation F is drastically changing the way we do business. In response, ACA International is going to utilize Fall Forum as opportunity to share best practices and provide collaboration around this timeliest of topics.

Health Care Collections
Hone your health care collection strategy by attending timely and future-focused industry-specific topics. Join colleagues to explore effective methods to operate more effectively in the health care space. 

LEGAL Education (CLE)
This track will feature education created by attorneys, for attorneys. Attendees of this track will be able to earn CLE credits. We are particularly looking for innovative, creative, timely and industry specific topics that might highlight a particular area of expertise. What do you think your industry colleagues need to know to do their jobs more effectively? What is happening now or on the horizon that needs to be on every lawyer’s educational menu of critical topics? Proposed topics that qualify for ethics CLE credits are encouraged.

Welcome & Keynote Chairman Tom Emmer (R-MN)

Chairman Tom Emmer successfully served as the leader of the National Republican Congressional Committee for the 116th Congress and was elected again for the 117th Congress.  He has been a champion for small business and opponent of regulatory overreach and will provide thought and perspective on issues impacting the financial services industry. Mr. Emmer will provide an update on the 2021 special election results, as well as an outlook for the next election and the remainder of this Congress. Don’t miss this important update about critical issues impacting the ARM Industry!

ACA is applying for CLE credits for the legal education track sessions for all requested states for registration submitted by Friday, October 1st. There is no guarantee that all states will approve CLEs.
Please note that CLEs are available only to ACA members and that ACA’s program does not qualify for CLEs in Utah.

Women's Workshop

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Session Details

Connect. Motivate. Inspire. Learn.

The first-ever ACA Women’s Workshop is a goal-centered, engaging experience for women at every level of an organization. This one-day event, held in conjunction with ACA’s Fall Forum, offers incredible opportunities for business networking, career empowerment, and personal growth.

Empower and be empowered! This event will focus on identifying and overcoming challenges unique to women in the ARM industry. Whether it is influence, resilience, or building strong professional relationships, participants will gain skills that will build them up and increase their confidence allowing them to rise to any challenge and ultimately overcome any obstacle set in front of them.

Members: $589 Members | Nonmembers $839
Save $100 by combining with your Fall Forum registration!
To register for just the Women's Workshop without Fall Forum, visit

Exhibitor Setup

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM Session Details

Registration Open

3:00 PM - 6:30 PM Session Details

Welcome Reception in Expo Hall

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM Session Details

Registration Open

7:00 AM - 4:00 PM Session Details

Continental Breakfast in Expo Hall

7:45 AM - 8:30 AM Session Details

Welcome & Keynote Chairman Tom Emmer (R-MN)

8:30 AM - 9:15 AM Session Details

Morning Break in Expo Hall

9:15 AM - 10:10 AM Session Details

Breakout - Legal (1)

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Session Details

(Regulation F.) - Managing Client Communications

10:10 AM - 11:00 AM Session Details

Breakout - Health Care (1)

10:10 AM - 11:00 AM Session Details

(Regulation F.) - Making Your List, Checking it Twice: Compliant Communications Under Reg F, TCPA and Traced Act

11:10 AM - 12:00 PM Session Details

The CFPB Reg F imposes new call limitations i.e., the 7-7-7. The FCC December 30, 2020 Order in line with the TRACED Act also imposes new call limitations for certain kinds of calls. Individual States also impose their own call limitations. The new proposed Limited Content Message can cause additional complications if not executed correctly. And, what about those prerecorded messages? And, how does the TCPA impact all of your calling strategies under the new rules? Learn real world compliance practices regarding call limitations as to all rules, how to harmonize all of the statutory call limitations, and learn strategies to maximize communications with consumers in conformity with all of the new rules.

Breakout - Health Care (2)

11:10 AM - 12:00 PM Session Details

Breakout - Legal (2)

11:10 AM - 12:10 PM Session Details

Lunch in Expo Hall

12:10 PM - 1:20 PM Session Details

(Regulation F.) - The Spirit of the Law

1:20 PM - 2:10 PM Session Details

The letter of the law can often bog down an organization with conflict, while addressing the spirit of the law allows for faster response time and overall adaptability, ultimately leading to increased client and consumer satisfaction. In this session we will look at specific CFPB responses in their final rule and discuss how our industry and this oversight can pull in the same direction. Considering the overall societal good the rules and regulations are attempting to serve will help the organization’s understanding of why certain compliance processes are in place, ensuring these regulations don’t interfere with getting the bill paid.

Breakout - Health Care (3)

1:20 PM - 2:10 PM Session Details

Breakout - Legal (3)

1:20 PM - 2:20 PM Session Details

Afternoon Break in Expo Hall

2:10 PM - 3:00 PM Session Details

(Regulation F.) - Using AI to Handle Reg F Challenges

3:00 PM - 3:50 PM Session Details

One of the most challenging sections of Regulation F is maintaining seamless, standard & consistent interactions with consumers across channels. Manual auditing of 100% of multi-channel conversations with consumers with Regulation F is nearly impossible. However, debt buyers and collection agencies are serious about adhering to Reg F across the entire consumer (account) lifecycle and should apply modern AI/ML applications to automate the audit process across calls, text & emails.

AI-powered automated compliance workflows can ensure that debt collectors are responding to every single consumer opt-out and disputes as well as honoring every restriction requested by consumers regarding time, place and medium of communication. Furthermore, cloud-based, conversational note automation platforms can enable debt buyers and agencies to efficiently maintain records that evidence compliance with the FDCPA and Regulation F for 3 years.

Bringing automation to collection workflow is imperative for modern debt collection firms to eliminate Regulation F compliance risks and thrive in the new regulatory environment. With automation, executive leadership at debt buyers and collection agencies can get access to Reg. F violations and analytics on attempted calls, texts, emails etc. in real-time.

Breakout - Health Care (4)

3:00 PM - 3:50 PM Session Details

Breakout - Legal (4)

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Session Details

Exhibitor Teardown

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM Session Details

Ping-Pong for the People – Join Us for a Drink & Table Tennis at SPIN Chicago!

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM Session Details

Registration Open

8:00 AM - 10:00 AM Session Details

Continental Breakfast

8:00 AM - 8:30 AM Session Details

(Regulation F.) - 3 Days In - Now What?

8:40 AM - 9:30 AM Session Details

This sessions will provide attendees with a checklist of items to make sure they've not forgotten to address now that the rule has become effective.  What are the absolute imperatives collectors must ensure they're complying with now that the rules are effective, beginning with all elements of the validation notice.  For attendees communicating electronically with consumer, providing them information on how to best take advantage of the bona fide error defense for electronic communications.  Understanding when the validation period begins and ends and also ensure compliance with 7/7/7 requirements are all necessary ingredients for a compliance management system post-effective date.  Finally, record retention requirements are a paramount, and this session will explain exactly what collectors should be doing to comply.

Breakout - Health Care (5)

8:40 AM - 9:30 AM Session Details

Breakout - Legal (5)

8:40 AM - 9:40 AM Session Details

(Regulation F.) - The Impact of Regulation F on your Compliance Management System

9:50 AM - 10:40 AM Session Details

In this session, we will discuss how the implementation of Regulation F will impact each component of a collection agency's Compliance Management System, including Board & Management Oversight, Policies and Procedures, Training, Monitoring and/or Audit, and Consumer Complaint Response. Implementation of the rule requires buy in from the top. Changes in procedures and practices will need to be vetted, approved, and supported by top managers—how will that be managed? How will you ensure you are monitoring for script changes? What will you change about your auditing processes to catch compliance or non-compliance with new processes?

Breakout - Health Care (6)

9:50 AM - 10:40 AM Session Details

Breakout - Legal (6)

9:50 AM - 10:50 AM Session Details

(Regulation F.) - Reg F and Technology: Guidance for Complying Depending on Your Software

11:00 AM - 11:50 AM Session Details

Regulation F guidelines require some changes to business processes that can be handled through technology. Depending on the software available to an agency or department, those solutions will look different.

Whether tools are available in the system to easily facilitate compliance or creative strategies need to be employed usually relates directly to the age of the platform and technical proficiency of the staff using it.

Aaron and Jon bring knowledge of many business models and operational platform solutions utilized by the ARM industry. Join them to hear recommended implementation paths to comply with Reg. F no matter how sophisticated your collection platform.

Breakout - Health Care (7)

11:00 AM - 11:50 AM Session Details

Breakout - Legal (7)

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Session Details


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Thank you to the 2021 Sponsors:


ACA is the Framework for Your Success in the Credit and Collection Industry.

ACA’s Fall Forum & Expo is a signature Chicago-based event bringing members together for a final gathering to recap the year and look forward to the next. Hot off the heels of a successful in-person Annual Convention, Fall Forum is currently scheduled to be in-person offering you another opportunity to connect and network with clients. Fall Forum & Expo will include sessions featuring Legal Education (CLE), Health Care and Regulation F. You don't want to miss out, so act fast! Booth space is limited and provided on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Download the 2021 Fall Forum & Expo Prospectus here.

ACA International

Founded in 1939, ACA brings together third-party collection agencies, law firms, asset buying companies, creditors and vendor affiliates, representing more than 230,000 industry employees. ACA establishes ethical standards, produces a wide variety of products, services and publications, and articulates the value of the credit and collection industry to businesses, policymakers and consumers.

Exhibitor Details

Applied Innovation, Inc.

Applied Innovation is helping to shape the future of the ARM industry. Platforms include a robust client portal, document management, payment negotiation, Regulation E electronic payment authorizations and TCPA communication authorization platforms. Partner with a company that understands your business challenges and evolves to provide cutting edge technologies to mitigate those dynamics.

Exhibitor Details


Powered by AI, Balto listens to both side of a conversation and visually prompts agents with the best things to say, live on every call. Scal best practices to your agents with the push of a button and get immediate insight into what's working and what is not. Visit

Exhibitor Details


CompuMail cultivates partnerships with our lients to ensure that they receive the best results, under the highest level of data security, at the most competitive price. We provide mailing and communication services, with a real-time protal to meet your management and oversight needs. Technology changes, business changes, but out commitment to service does not.

Exhibitor Details


Interactions Virtual Collection Agent (VCA) is a technology for creditors and agencies across the debt life cycle that offers an effective, compliant, and judgement-free collection experience that reduces risk and operational expenses. The VCA seamlessly blends Conversational AI and human understanding at real time to increase payment and debt recovery without compromising customer experience.

Exhibitor Details


LiveVox is the only one-stop-shop for true omnichannel engagement that unifies modern channgels, CRM, and WFO functionality into a single cloud customer engagement platform to optimize the customer experience in today's digital age. Facilitating over148 interactions annually. LiveVox makes omnichannel easy by unifying all conversations and interactions in one place. With new features released quarterly, LiveVox remains at the forefront of cloud contact center innovation.

Exhibitor Details


Backed by over 20 years of experience, Nobelbiz is a leading telecom and contact center technology company, delivering tailored solutions for debt collection agencies and contact centers around the globe. Their omnichannel collections communication system helps collectors save time, reduce workload and boost recovery rates; all from a single dashboard.

Exhibitor Details

Payment Savvy LLC

As the premier ARM merchant provider since 2010, Payment Savvy handles everything in-house which means innovative payment solutions and an unmatched customer experience are within your reach.

Exhibitor Details

Peak Revenue Learning

KNOWLEDGESOURCE is a training platform that brings together all aspects of your training needs, from compliance and job skills to internal policies and application usage. By using the "focused iteration training" capabilities of our platform, you can take advantage of one of the most effective concepts in learning improvement and knowledge retention, the "spacing effect".

Exhibitor Details


Provana is a SaaS platform that gives leaders control over process-intensive operations. We serve law firms, insurance companies, accounts receivable agencies and networked enterprises in the US market that are tightly regulated by the CFPB and other authorities. Provana is built on decades of experience in machine learning and natural language processing and helps customer manage sensitive interactions, analyze unstructured data and ensure compliance.

Exhibitor Details

Renkim Corporation

Founded in 1982, Renkim is a 100% employee-owned consumer communications company specializing in the production and distribution of carious types of messaging. Through traditional print/mail and electronic bill presentment, our team of 135 employee-shareholders will ensure that your communication reaches its intended audience in the designated timeframe. With client-partners in the Utility, Healthcare, Marketing, Financial, and Automotive Industries, Renkim has 35+ years of experience in helping build custom communication solutions.

Exhibitor Details


With integrated omnichannel payment technology specifically tailored to the ARM industry, REPAY brings speed, convenience and security to the payment experience by enabling credit/debit card and electronic check/ACH payments to be make 24/7/365 via text pay, IVR/phone pay, white-labeled mobile apps, and agent-facing and consumer-facing web portals.

Exhibitor Details


Revspring's comprehensive and compliant payment solutions enable organizations to streamline financial communications, reduce costs, mitigate risks, and improve collection outcomes. The purpose-built solutions take a holistic approach to the consumer's financial journey by providing personalized print, online, phone, email and text communications and payment options.

Exhibitor Details

Solutions By Text

Solutions by Text is a Premiere Partner of ACA, whose primary focus is delivering critical information in an SMS format Worldwide. SBT has proprietary software designed to adhere to regulations for over 25 years. SBT has partnered with a variety of organizations in multiple industries to design/implement diverse SMS solutions.

Exhibitor Details

VoApps DirectDrop Voicemail

VoApps DirectDrop Voicemail delivers a voice message directly to the consumer's voicemail box without calling the phone. Immediately increase right party contacts, dollars collected, and liquidation rates. This creates the influx of inbound phone calls responding to DirectDrop Voicemails. New clients can be up and running in two business days!

Exhibitor Details

WebRecon LLC

WebRecon identifies serial litigants lurking in your database BEFORE you contact them and expose yourself to a likely lawsuit. Protect your company from as many as one in three new consumer lawsuits by scrubbing your data through WebRecon first.

Exhibitor Details

Hyatt Regency Chicago

151 E Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60601

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Room Rate Cut-Off: Wednesday, October 13
Room Rate: $189 plus taxes*

Venue Details

COVID-19 Safety Protocols 

Updated August 6, 2021 - Check back often for updates.  

A safe and comfortable experience at ACA International’s (“ACA”) 2021 Fall Forum & Expo (“Fall Forum”) is a top priority for ACA as we plan for your arrival at the Hyatt Regency Chicago in downtown Chicago, Illinois. We have prepared these COVID-19 Safety Protocols with the health, safety and enjoyment of attendees in mind.  However, given the evolving nature of the vaccine rollout, as well as changing local, state and national guidelines and requirements, safety protocols will naturally be fluid. ACA reserves the right to modify or update these safety protocols at any time so that they are appropriately tailored to the state of the COVID-19 pandemic, its attendant health and safety risks, and national, state, and local requirements and guidelines, during the dates of the event.   

These safety protocols are fluid and based on local, state and federal recommendations and mandates. Please check back in periodically so you are aware of the safety protocols you will be expected to follow while attending the event. 

By attending Level Up, you and anyone travelling with you agree to follow the safety protocols set in place by ACA, Hyatt Regency Chicago, Cook County, the State of Illinois and the CDC, including those stated here and onsite at the event. ACA and Hyatt Regency Chicago reserve the right to ask any attendee or guest to leave the event and hotel premises at any time in the event of a suspected COVID-19 infection, exposure or symptoms. 

HOTEL - Venue & Accommodations 

From Hyatt Hotels: One of our highest priorities for welcoming guests back to Hyatt properties is doing so safely, with your wellbeing in mind. Hyatt continues to monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation closely, keeping those who are affected in our hearts, and listening carefully to the questions and concerns we receive from guests such as you. Learn more about our COVID-19 Travel Update and Hyatt’s Global Care & Cleanliness Commitment

ACA - On-site COVID-19 Safety 


Hand Sanitizer 

  • Individual bottles of hand sanitizer will be provided to each attendee.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be positioned in the meeting space. 

Meals & Sessions 

  • Meals: food and beverage service guidelines to reduce risks.
  • Sessions: seating to meet local requirements. Audience microphones will not be passed around the room.  

Social Distancing Bracelets 

  • Red, yellow and green silicone wristbands will be available to help others identify your personal space preferences and help you identify theirs. Be sure to grab your preferred wristband at the ACA Registration Desk when checking in. 

PARTICIPANTS - Self-Screening and Personal Accountability Commitment 

Attendees’ commitment to act responsibly with respect to their own health and the health of others at the event will be critical to the success of Level Up.  In that regard, ACA expects all attendees and their guests to conduct daily self-screenings and to self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms.  Please review the CDC list of symptoms before attending Level Up.  

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or test positive for COVID-19, or are exposed to someone who has COVID-19 symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19, during Level Up, we ask that you please promptly notify an ACA staff member and excuse yourself from event activities. You may want to reference the CDC Coronavirus Self Checker at that time to obtain the CDC’s guidelines on staying away from others, testing and medical attention.  ACA and hotel staff will work with you to determine whether and when it may be appropriate for you to return to event activities. 

TRAVEL - TSA & Airlines 

Before you travel, please take time to also understand the protocols put in place by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the major airlines: 

Alaska Airlines 
American Airlines 
Delta Airlines 
Frontier Airlines 
Southwest Airlines 
Sun Country 

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