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(Add On Seminar) Healthcare Collection Management

This seminar will provide the skills to effectively coach and manage your employees to achieve successful business results while creating and maintaining a positive work environment. Topics include giving everyday feedback and annual/mid-year/monthly performance reviews, discipline and corrective action. Attending qualifies toward earning a Healthcare Collection Management (HCM) ACA designations.

Session Details

(Add On Seminar) Managing the Collection Floor

This interactive forum gives attendees the chance to hear what other agencies are doing to improve collection floor operations. Topics to include characteristics of an exceptional collection floor leaders, equipping the floor, call monitoring, monthly production measurements, collector productivity, dialer management & statistics, inventory management, portfolio segmentation, managing client expectations and preparing for on-site client visit or audit. Attending qualifies toward earning a Professional Collection Manager (PCM) ACA designation.

Session Details

(Add On Seminar) Using Root Cause Analysis to Find Solutions

Your Certified Instructors will use root cause analysis lessons to teach participants how to reduce mistakes, save time and improve daily operations. Participants will learn how to identify the true problem and craft a solution that will not only fix processes and procedures in the short term, but also provide lasting quality improvement for businesses. By attending this seminar, you will learn to effectively apply root cause analysis by: • Avoiding shifting the problem to another person, area or process; • Preventing the problem from reoccurring; and • Implementing long term corrective actions and continuous improvement. This is your opportunity to develop an in-depth understanding of problem-solving and thinking outside of the box when a problem arises.

Session Details

A Magical Shield in the Forest of Dread - How to Qualify for a Bona Fide Error Defense

The bona fide error defense can be an impenetrable shield from FDCPA liability when agencies properly prepare for it and lawyers properly litigate it. The first step, though, is the agencies’ responsibility. They must prepare for the defense BEFORE they ever need the defense. This session will help them do that and make this valuable option available.

Session Details

Agent Engagement and Gamification in the Modern Call Center

Gamification is a critical component in the contact center technology ecosystem for improving agent satisfaction, productivity, compliance, and performance, and reducing employee turnover. This session shares approaches for aligning this technology with business intelligence to achieve dynamic results.
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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Effective Technology for your Business

The panel of distinguished experts will discuss how machine learning and artificial intelligence is currently deployed in the collection industry, how to embrace it, how to use it, and how to implement it into your business processes. They will also touch on the next wave of developing technologies in the ARM industry.
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Class Representative Deposition – A Unique Perspective

Watch it with your own eyes and hear it with your own ears.  This session will dissect an actual videotaped deposition of a proffered class representative in an actual FDCPA case.  Many of your suspicions when it comes to what’s truly going on behind the scenes in “consumer lawsuits” will be borne out. You won’t be disappointed.

Session Details

Compassionate Phone Skills for the Today's Agent

This training is focused on compassionate phone skill-sets for the 2019 agent. Due to recent changes in our industry such as the TCPA, the CFPB, local legislative issues in healthcare collections, and our own industry's desire to create a new image, this training is intended for the agents in need of compassion techniques when working with the 2019 consumer. The training benefits all call center environments be reducing complaints and increasing morale among the agent.

Session Details

Creditors Only! Compliance Hot Topics

Are you wanting to know what’s hot in the compliance world that applies specifically to creditors? This session, which is strictly limited to only those attendees who work for creditors, features two of ACA’s most popular attorney members highlighting a few current and upcoming compliance concerns from a creditor’s viewpoint—including a brief perspective on the CFPB’s proposed debt collection rules. In addition, learn more about ACA education of interest to creditors, share ideas for future topics and connect with your creditor colleagues. Presenters: Dennis Barton III, Esq.; John Bedard Jr., Esq.; Harry Strausser III.

Session Details

Developing Young Business Leaders

Young business leaders are essential to the future of your business and our industry. Attend this session to learn how to identify and groom new leaders for your organization, create a management training program and provide support for continuing engagement and success.

Session Details

Don't Take the Bait!

This interactive session will focus on collection baiting and identifying when the potential practice of consumer and consumer attorney collector baiting is occurring. How to prevent it, what to do when it is believed to be happening and how you can ensure your staff is trained to protect all parties involved.

Session Details

Equifax - Path to Transformation

Equifax security leaders discuss strategy and lessons learned forged via security transformation in a post-breach world. Insights into what we have learned and takeaways that you can leverage in your own organization. Dr. Michael Owens and Mr. Montez Fitzpatrick

Session Details

Getting the Most Value from Call Evaluations

Call monitoring, scoring, and feedback has become widely-used tool in the collection industry to test for compliant practices and for the effective use of basic and best collection practices. Whether you are using speech analytics to guide your call monitoring or pulling calls as the spirit moves you, your approach to evaluating calls will make the time spent either a waste of time or a value add that your company can’t do without. In this session, we will discuss constructing effective call evaluation forms, creating rubrics for call scoring, conducting meaningful calibration sessions, and more!

Session Details

Growing Your Agency - Sales & Marketing for the Small and Medium Sized Office

It has been said relative to sales, “It is the lead you are working on, the client you are servicing and the client you just lost”. Sales is a process, and firms of all sizes need to keep feeding the machine to survive. This session reviews of the dynamics that exist in healthy growth-oriented operations.

Session Details

How to Fight Back Against Credit Repair Agencies (Members Only)

(Members Only) In this session you will get to hear about one ACA Unit's grassroot advocacy case study an learn about their successes and challenges within the fight.((

Session Details

It's a FinTech World After All: Consumer Communications in a FinTech World

No one uses landlines anymore. Millennials only communicate by text. Or maybe you don’t like to text – your thing is email. And you definitely never answer the phone if you don’t recognize the caller. And maybe your phone doesn’t even ring, yet a message appears. As people change their behaviors and preferences, how does an agency effectively and efficiently communicate—and remain compliant? Should you abandon “old-fashioned” communications techniques? This session will discuss best practices and compliance strategies for communicating with consumers in today’s modern era.

Session Details

Jump Start Your Text and Email Program - The Law, The Reg, The Solutions

Texts are calls, emails are writings and confusion abound. This session covers steps to moving your snail mail to electronic delivery including understanding how regulations impact your digital communications program, learning about the types of technology opportunities available and launching a new program.
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Session Details

Landmark Debt Collection Policymaking in Washington, D.C. a panel discussion about the CFPB rule, the latest on TCPA, and Call Blocking and Labeling

At a critical time for the future of the debt collection industry, panelists will provide insights on what may happen with the CFPB final rule, predictions about FCC TCPA related actions, and prospects for robocall legislation in Congress.

Session Details

Legal Track (MEMBERS ONLY): Collections and Bankruptcy - The B-Word Doesn't Have to Mean “Bust”

(MEMBERS ONLY) An interactive discussion on bankruptcy claims, cases, litigation, and federal practice.  This includes discussion of claims objections, stay violations, remediation, and damages when creditor/collector is just "too busy" to address the alleged violation or focus on the bankruptcy filing.

Session Details

Legal Track (MEMBERS ONLY): Don't Furnish a Plaintiff's Verdict: The Data Furnisher's Duties and Defenses Under the FCRA

(MEMBERS ONLY) With FCRA cases outpacing filings under other consumer statutes, this session discusses recent CFPB actions, court decisions, and the most pressing compliance issues to explain how furnishers can comply with their duties under the FCRA and defend themselves when they end up in the crosshairs.

Session Details

Legal Track (MEMBERS ONLY): Industry Defense Roundtable (75 minutes)

(MEMEBERS ONLY) This roundtable is an in-depth discussion of pressing legal theories being advanced by the consumer bar and will overview, debate, and respond to questions regarding important cutting-edge topics currently swirling around collection practices. Don't miss this lively and interactive session.

Session Details

Legal Track (MEMBERS ONLY): Technology and the Law: Agentless Collections, A.I. for Inbound and the FCC's New Reassigned Number Data Base

(MEMBERS ONLY) Agentless Collections, A.I. for inbound communications, mobile apps and website platforms are being used with increasing frequency. Learn how these technologies work in practice, the laws and cases guiding their development and usage, and how the industry is solving compliance challenges through technology.

Session Details

Legal Track (MEMBERS ONLY): The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round - (75 minutes)

(MEMEBRS ONLY) What changes do you need to make to your CMS to avoid a flat tire?

Session Details

Legal Track (MEMEBRS ONLY): Ethics and the Collection Use, and Disclosure of Data – Direction is More Important Than Speed on the Information Highway

(MEMEBERS ONLY) In this exciting legal session, industry experts will discuss some of the pressing ethical issues for counsels and compliance officers in knowing where an enterprise’s data is coming from and where and how it is being used and disclosed.

Session Details

Legal Track (MEMEBRS ONLY): The “Secret Sauce” to Beating ‘Em at Their Own Game

(MEMBERS ONLY) Veteran lawyers will share strategies how to deliver a blow to the other side by resourcefully using local rules of courts and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. The panel will also provide tips to reduce risk of class action exposure and to defeat class certification.

Session Details

Looking Back As We Go Fourward – Four Compliance Challenges We Cannot Ignore

As the industry runs toward big data analytics, new forms of consumer communication and the use of artificial intelligence to reduce personnel and increase consumer satisfaction it’s time to look back. Solutions such as text messaging, emails and bots are not miracle cures for compliance challenges never mastered. During this session our panel of legal experts will work with attendees on four of the most pressing and challenging compliance topics plaguing the industry today.

Session Details

Main Stage: Awards Breakfast & "Complaint Free Business" with Will Bowen

At the annual awards breakfast, many of the association’s outstanding members will be recognized for selflessly devoting their time and skills to advance the accounts receivable management industry. Receiving an ACA honor symbolizes a member’s commitment to the association and the industry. Join us in this celebration of member success, where awards such as the ACA Member of the Year and James K. Erickson Continuous Service will be given as well as education honors, advocacy and unit awards.

Keynote: Complaint Free Business

Consumer complaints are at the top of your mind when you think about our industry. Will Bowen joins the main stage after Breakfast and Awards, and will take you aside to think about the other complaints in your life. Executives, employees and staff deal with hundreds of complaints on a daily basis from both customers and coworkers. In this fast-paced and funny presentation you’ll learn:

  • What’s wrong with complaining? (Complaining is destructive effects on health, happiness, relationships, and career)

  • What is (and isn’t) a complaint?

  • The 5 reasons people complain (as remembered by the acronym G.R.I.P.E.)

  • How to get other people (and ourselves) to stop complaining

  • Positive leadership in a negative world

  • You’ll leave inspired, mindful of your own complaints, and motivated to approach complainers with new, simple and effective strategies.

Breakfast service will only be 7:30 – 8:10 a.m. followed by Awards at 8:10 a.m. and our Main Stage keynote at 8:30 a.m.

Awards Breakfast Sponsored by

Session Details

Main Stage: Fearless Leadership with Keynote Carey Lohrenz

As the first female F-14 Fighter Pilot in the U.S.Navy, Carey Lohrenz knows what it takes to win in one of the highest pressure, extreme environments imaginable. In 1994, when Carey “Vixen” Lohrenz was deployed to the USS Abraham Lincoln, there were fewer than 5 female aviators on a ship of 5000 male crew members. Facing uncharted waters in an intensely male-dominated environment, Lohrenz learned vital lessons in leadership that followed her into the corporate world. The most successful leaders share a common foundation of principles used from the flight deck to the front office. The greatest leaders from all corners of the world know how to inspire, use good judgment, take initiative and make powerful decisions – with integrity.

This highly popular leadership sessuin will challenge, inform, and inspire your team to move to higher levels of performance. Lohrenz offers bottom-line expertise with clear, realistic takeaway items that can produce both short-term and life changing results.

Sponsored by

Session Details

Main Stage: The Beltway and Beyond: ACA Strategies for Success

The ACA Advocacy team and consultants will discuss and answer questions about legislative, regulatory and litigation activities at both the state and federal levels during this critical time for shaping policies impacting the debt collection industry. Discussions will include the CFPB’s first-ever FDCPA rulemaking, the FCC’s recent efforts surrounding TCPA and Call Blocking and labeling, state legislative trends and other pressing issues at the state and federal level. Hear more about the Industry Advancement Program, industry research, and communication efforts that play a critical role in advocacy. As the industry faces threats and opportunities impacting your ability to operate from lawmakers and regulators throughout the country, learn about how you can contribute to, and participate in, ACA’s Advocacy efforts.

Session Details

Managing Your Brand – How to Handle Complaints & Reviews

Are there reviews online about your company? You may be clear about your company culture but the rest of the world may view it differently based on one bad online review. This session will cover steps to managing and responding to indirect complaints and reviews.
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Session Details

One Industry - Many Perspectives

In this joint session with ACA International, respective organizations will provide updates on their recent industry efforts.

Session Details

Q&A with FTC's Director of Bureau of Consumer Protection

In this Q&A session, the FTC’s Director of Bureau of Consumer Protection Andrew Smith, will share updates on the future of consumer protection and consumer financial services law, unfair and deceptive acts and practices, privacy and data security, and more.

Session Details

Real World Strategies to Manage & Lessen Legal Risks in Collections

Panelists in this session will explore the positive outcomes from court cases and share real world strategies you can immediately implement to avoid future litigation. These enhanced collection techniques will help you provide value to your creditor clients in a profitable and compliant manner.

Session Details

The Emerging Technology of "CYBERTRACKING" - The Eye in the Sky is Always Watching

The technology, legalities and knowledge required to cybertrack consumers has continued to evolve and your agency’s tracing techniques must evolve with them. Learn how the waterfall technique utilized by professional tracers can help you optimize results while keeping costs at a minimum.

Session Details

The New Era of Win-Win Calling

New win-win analytics-based technologies offer relief to the decreasing ratio of calls resulting in contact. Learn how you can use them to elevate it to the level of an efficient, helpful service that recipients perceive differently and respond to positively.

Session Details

To Charge or Not to Charge: The Convenience Fee Conundrum

Do you mitigate your payment processing fees by passing along the cost to the consumer? Is that process permitted in the states where you do business? How do federal regulators view this culture? Success stories and answers to these questions will be reviewed in this engaging session.

Session Details

Utilizing Technology to Help your Team be at Their Natural Best

The application of new technology can be daunting. How do we select the best solution for our business and how do we match it with the employees that will use it? This session explores how to apply technology to help your greatest asset, your people, be more productive, fulfilled and creative.

Session Details

What the HIPPA?

This session was originally created for the healthcare provider for their annual HIPAA required training. It goes over reminders and some topics that not everyone grasps about HIPAA such as HIPAA and email, how it relates to Workers Compensation, consequences of violations including total civil penalties to date and most common violations.

Session Details

Women in Leadership

A panel of women in various leadership roles sharing their experiences overcoming gender stereotypes, finding their leadership style, lessons they have learned throughout their careers, tips for networking and mentoring other women.

Session Details

You've Made a Battlefield Promotion, Now What?

Battlefield promotions sometimes feel necessary. Are they always our best choice? If you do a battlefield promotion, it will require significant effort from you to manage the impact on the team and to ensure support for the new role.

Session Details

Your Prescription for Medical Debt Credit Reporting and Collection

This session covers the recent industry-significant rule of law the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals created for debt collectors to follow when reporting medical debt. Insights will be shared about an emerging trend in consumer claims against agencies collecting debt for non-profit medical facilities, new pending rules and legislation impacting medical debt credit reporting and collection.

Session Details

Full Agenda (PDF)

Click here to access the agenda in the mobile app. To download the app to your digital device, access your app store and download the Guidebook app. Then find our guide by searching by passphrase aca2019.


Click here to access the speaker list in our mobile app. To download the app to your digital device, access your app store and download the Guidebook app. Then find our guide by searching by passphrase aca2019.


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AARC-360 serves to help our clients with a complete circle (360°) of Assurance, Advisory, Risk, and Compliance services. Our people, experience, and collaborative approach on SOC 1 and SOC 2 examinations and other attestation services including HIPAA/HITRUST, PCI DSS, and GDPR assessments are what sets us apart from our competitors.

Exhibitor Details

Accelerated Data Systems, Inc.

Accelerated Data Systems offers the most functional and technologically advanced collections software solution on the market. Our software, AdvantEdge, delivers unprecedented access to your data and the ability to manipulate it to the specific needs of your business and your clients. No other software approaches the flexibility offered by AdvantEdge.

Exhibitor Details

Acumen Solutions Group

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A-LIGN is one of a limited number of solution providers that can offer a consolidated approach to information technology and information security audits. As your cybersecurity and compliance firm, we specialize in helping you navigate the scope and complexity of your specific security, cyber risk, and privacy needs.

Exhibitor Details

Applied Innovation, Inc.

Applied Innovation provides a suite of compliant solutions for the ARM industry. Hosted in our private cloud, our software solutions have proven to increase the bottom line with improved efficiencies, increased client sales and retention, and increased web payments. Reduce your compliance risk and the cost to collect.

Exhibitor Details


We're APPROVED - a licensing service for financial services companies. We are part of Buckley, a law firm with unparalleled experience in financial services. Both informed and unique, our technology-enabled approach is designed to make the approval and compliance process smarter, more predictable, and more streamlined than ever before. In addition to our legal and industry knowledge, we bring a fierce commitment to blending the best people, processes, and technology. We're here to make licensing better.

Exhibitor Details

Arbeit Software

We are a contact solution provider specializing in the collection space. We offer a broadcast dialer, a TCPA compliance solution and a VOIP office phone system.

Exhibitor Details

Avcomm Solutions, Inc.

Avcomm Solutions is a woman-owned small business that specializes in headsets and other communications devices. Our headset experts, who have extensive product knowledge, personalize product recommendations for each customer to ensure maximum satisfaction. Customer relationships are important to us, and we continue to support our customers after purchase. Our commitment to customers includes a full-service web site with Click to Chat, same-day shipping on all in-stock orders, and competitive pricing.

Exhibitor Details


Balto uses AI to assist collectors in avoiding compliance violations, speeding up ramp time, and greatly increasing AIP. Better yet, Balto's AI works in real time and that means that every single call gets saved. Schedule a demo to see if Balto can turn your collectors into superstars.

Exhibitor Details

BillingTree Payment Solutions

BillingTree is a tech-focused company committed to offering innovative card-not-present solutions to make processing payments easier for your company.

Exhibitor Details

Broadband Dynamics

Broadband Dynamics ("BBD") is a facilities based telco carrier and Cloud Contact Center software provider, serving the .highest volume segment of the commercial voice market. BBD clients include some of the largest collection agencies, BPOs and Contact Centers worldwide. Our state of the art network is built to provide the industry's highest levels of 'network quality and reliability, exceeding our 99.999% uptime commitment SLA. BBD's Innovative Software as a Service .(SaaS) solutions - including our Cloud Contact Center suite of services - make BBD an industry leader in the converged Telecom/SaaS industry space.

Exhibitor Details

Call Center Services International

CCSI's core business is to help you establish a high-performing Nearshore Contact Center in Mexico to expand agent capacity, reduce labor costs, maintain operational control, and ensure performance goals. Expertise: Debt Collection, Loan Processing, Customer Service, among other business processes. Visit our facilities and meet our talented bilingual agents!

Exhibitor Details

CDS Software

CDS Software has been an innovator in the accounts receivable management industry for over 35 years. It's flagship CollectOne is an award-winning, single source debt collection solution.

Exhibitor Details

Chetu Inc.

Chetu provides customized software development solutions to the Collections industry. The company houses elite programmers with expertise in debt collection software including accounts receivable 'management, credit / risk management, credit risk reporting, collection case management /payment portals, and more. For more information, please visit

Exhibitor Details

Clear Payment Solutions

Since 2008 Clear Payments has offered advanced payment solutions to CollectionAgencies, Law firms and Receivables Management Companies nationwide. Operating on a guiding principle of integrity, professionalism, accountability, and best in class service, our number one priority is delivering an exceptional experience to our valued customers EVERY TIME.

Exhibitor Details

Collect! Credit & Collection Software

With options ranging from Lite to Enterprise, Collect!'s flexible, customizable and modular functions allow you to set up your workflow the way you want. Use Collect!'s many options to scale as your business grows without ever having to deal with a data migration.

Exhibitor Details

Compliance Navigator, LLC

Compliance Navigator is a subscription based compliance consulting firm. For one low monthly price you have access to all of our policies & procedures, training documents, internal control testing scripts and unlimited access to our compliance experts to ask any question concerning operational or regulatory compliance or federal or state law.

Exhibitor Details


CompuMail cultivates partnerships with our clients to ensure that they receive the best results, under the highest level of data security, at the most competitive price. We provide mailing and communication services, with a real-time portal to meet your management and oversight needs across the Financial Services, Accounts Receivables, and Healthcare Industries. Technology changes, business changes, but our commitment to services doesn't.

Exhibitor Details

Comtronic Systems, LLC

Debtmaster®360 is the number one choice in cloud-based collections, offering enhanced security and compliance tools to companies of all sizes. Empower your agency with fully integrated collection tools with the best in workflow management, phone system technology, and client reporting by employing Debtmaster0, CallThru@, and ClientAccess TM

Exhibitor Details

ContactRelief, LLC

ContactRelief is a cloud-based disaster decision engine that aggregates alert data on natural and man-made disasters and, through a series of configurable rules, makes recommendations on when and where to redirect, suspend and resume contact with customers during times of disaster. This information is provided at very granular levels (e.g. zip code or geocode).

Exhibitor Details

Cornerstone Support, Inc.

Cornerstone Support provides licensing, insurance, and bonds for collection agencies. We have more than 20 years of experience helping agencies develop and implement licensing strategies that protect them and their clients. Our full-service commercial insurance agency provides specific coverage and claims handling tailored to the debt collection industry.

Exhibitor Details

Court Appearance Professionals

CAP is the nation's leading attorney owned, legal support corporation dedicated to handling court hearings across the country. CAP has been providing reliable and experienced attorneys to competently represent you and advocate for your client for over 20 years. All court appearances are priced on a flat fee basis starting as low as $59.00. We are confident that our services will help save your firm time and money. Please stop by our booth to learn more.

Exhibitor Details

DAKCS Software Systems

DAKCS Debt Collection Software Solutions is a 35-year technology leader in simplifying the process of collections and accounts receivable management. By creating powerful, configurable, customer-focused solutions, both cloud and on-premise, we offer a way to run your business faster and more efficient. DAKCS delivers on service, automation, and flexibility in one central debt collection platform for all types of business.

Exhibitor Details

Debt$Net Collection Software

Since 1987, Debt$Net® Collection Software has provided collection agencies, law firms, debt buyers -and in-house collection departments with one of the most comprehensive collection systems in the industry. Proven in the field, Debt$Net® Collection Software satisfies the collection requirements for companies specializing in Retail, Commercial, Medical, and Receivables Management collections.

Exhibitor Details

DialConnection, LLC

DialConnection offers the industry's only blended inbound/outbound cloud contact center with real time data integration to your system of record, delivering improved agent productivity, compliance and operational performance.

Exhibitor Details


Drummond Group has supported merchant and service provider payment card compliance since 2002. Of the earliest Payment Card Industry (PCI) Qualified Security Assessors (QSA), Drummond Group PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) service offerings include expert assessment, gap analysis to ensure readiness, Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) support, and consultation.

Exhibitor Details

EFT Network, Inc.

EFT Network has been a leading provider of Electronic Payment Processing solutions for 20+ years in the credit and collections industry. These innovative payment solutions help merchants reduce operating expenses while automating payment processing and posting, for faster more efficient - and profitable businesses. These unparalleled payment processing solutions - along with EFT Network's technical expertise - ensure customized, flawless integration with your software.

Exhibitor Details


Enformion's exclusive data sources deliver concise, accurate, up-to-date, actionable data and the intelligence to help you rapidly identify right-party contact information to improve your collection rates. Enformion uniquely provides a powerful, state of the art, fully customizable, user friendly, feature-rich interface which quickly, accurately and cost effectively delivers results.

Exhibitor Details

Enghouse Interactive

Enghouse Interactive's comprehensive portfolio of interaction management solutions span omni-channel call centers, Computer Telephony Integration, self-service Interactive Voice Response, knowledge management, operator consoles, call recording and quality monitoring, media voice services, and outbound dialers. These solutions support any telephony environment and flexible deployment options, on premise or in the Cloud.

Exhibitor Details

Epicenter Technologies

With over 17 years of Accounts Receivable Management expertise, Epicenter is a leading provider of Outsourced Business Process Management and IT solutions. We have consistently delivered best in class operations while minimizing costs, through efficient management of processes, procedures and technology. In today's challenging environment, reducing the cost of collections is getting progressively difficult and most collection agencies struggle to increase ROI due to escalating wages. In our cost-optimized alternative solution, we provide competent dedicated collectors to work as an extension of your organization, duplicating your operations, quality and compliance practices. This model has helped agencies grow business with a minimum 30% cost-reduction, while all risks and compliance expectations are comprehensively covered and mitigated.

Exhibitor Details

ExpertSource Global Services Private Limited

We deliver Collections, Quality Management Solutions & BPO services across US & UK from our offshore location in India. For over the last 13 years now, we have built large, efficient and effective teams that have increased coverage and reduced costs significantly for credit grantors, debt buyers and collection agencies in the US.

Exhibitor Details


ezPay365 is a payment processing solutions provider for companies within the ARM/Collection, Healthcare and Law Firms. With 25 years ARM industry experience, ezPay365 payment channels are: debit/credit card, HSA/FSA, ACH payments and convenience fee model. ezPay365 has direct integrations with major collection software platforms. Our payment solutions consist of collector/agent based, IVR, payment forms and online payment portal with artificial intelligence for payment negotiation, flexible payment options , Reg-E, email, SMS Text messaging and TextPay

Exhibitor Details


FICO is a leading analytics software company that empowers businesses in 90+ countries to make better decisions. FICO offers a suite of integrated solutions for Collection and Recovery including FICO® Debt ManagerTM, a highly automated accounts receivable management system, FICO® Customer Communications Services for Collections (for omni-channel communications), and advanced analytics to improve operational efficiency and collection performance.

Exhibitor Details

FocusOne, Inc.

FocusOne is a privately held company comprised of professional dedicated to providing the absolute best in multi-channel customer communications. Our customizable forms matched together with a systemic approach to a promise to deliver your time-sensitive statements and results to your bottom line. Contact: Lincoln Puffer:

Exhibitor Details

Gwynn Group, Inc.

“Founded in 2000, Gwynn Group, Inc. is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company with a proven history of providing innovative web and mobile solutions to clients across the country on an enterprise basis. Gwynn Group specializes in harnessing large volumes of data and streamlining processes across a variety of cross-functional areas through their ReportStore and Kenekt platforms. With more than 18 years of experience developing custom solutions for their clients who serve more than 70 million customers across North America, Gwynn Group is a subject matter expert in data originating from top Billing and CIS providers. To learn more about Gwynn Group and their suite of products, visit and follow the company's latest developments on LinkedIn and Twitter.”

Exhibitor Details

Innovis Data Solutions

Innovis is a leading provider of consumer identity information and risk management solutions. The company's Right Party Contact (RPC) solution provides account receivables departments with tools to improve efficiency and enhance recovery efforts. RPC consistently outperforms competitors in head-to-head tests at collection agencies, skip specialists, return mail processors, and collection departments of major lenders.

Exhibitor Details


Our Intelligent Virtual Assistant provides a conversational, polite, and human approach to gathering overdue payments. Unlike traditional automated solutions, our Intelligent Virtual Assistant combines artificial intelligence with human understanding to deliver the best possible interactions.

Exhibitor Details

Interactive Security

Interactive Security is a leading data security assessment and compliance audit firm with over 15 years experience working with Account Receivables Management (ARM) companies. We help ARM's increase revenue by achieving compliance with PCI, HIPAA, HITRUST, ISO, GDPR,, GLBA, and SSAE/SOC. Interactive Security makes IT compliance, obtainable, simple and affordable.

Exhibitor Details

Interior Concepts

Interior Concepts designs, manufactures, and installs call center and office furniture. We have decades of experience manufacturing high quality, made in the USA, furniture.

Exhibitor Details

International Association of Commercial Collectors, Inc.

The International Association of Commercial Collectors, Inc. (IACC) enhances the growth of its members by delivering education and professional resources in a collaborative environment. We pledge to our members that IACC will be the leading resource for commercial collection professionals who deliver high-quality, ethical and compliant commercial collection services to the credit granting community.

Exhibitor Details

International Sureties, LTD.

International Sureties was established in 1970 and has grown into one of the largest bond brokers in the United States. We have provided bonding for a very large number of ACA members over the years. We represent most of the major surety companies and our goal is always customer satisfaction.

Exhibitor Details


InterProse is a web-based debt recovery platform customizable for third or first-party efforts. An open-platform, customers pick their favorite third-party service providers that integrate through ACE's open API. ACE includes the highest AWS & 3rd-party audited data security and infrastructure compliance certifications, real-time data backups, document storage & backups, and more!

Exhibitor Details

KG Hawes

"ARTrail" is a comprehensive and cutting-edge solution for the entire accounts receivable processes for early out and third party collections. "VoizTrail" is a game changing technology offering - Speech Analytics, Call recording and Call Auditing.

Exhibitor Details


KirkpatrickPrice is a licensed CPA and PCI QSA firm, performing assessments, audits, and tests that strengthen information security and compliance controls. KirkpatrickPrice commonly provides advice on SOC 1, SOC 2, HIPPA, HITRUST CSF, PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO 27001, FISMA, and CFPB frameworks.

Exhibitor Details

Lateral Technology Limited

Lateral is a cloud based collections solutions provider. Our highly configurable leading edge solution has all the tools you need available from one screen including communications by e-mail, SMS, letters and integrated telephony & payment platforms. Consumers can interact and self serve via the web and their mobile device.

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Latitude by Genesys

Latitude by Genesys® is a standalone product that provides an integrated solution to fully meet customers' requirements of accounts receivables challenges from day one delinquency or negligence through charge-off and debt sale. With your businesses servicing platform bridged with Latitude software, all the necessary information, both current and historic, is available to the agents on a single platform on a single desktop. Latitude also integrates with the Genesys PureCloud®, PureConnectTM and PureEngageTM platforms.

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LexisNexis Risk Solutions

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions is a trusted data analytics provider for organizations seeking actionable insights to manage risks and improve results while upholding the highest standards for security and privacy.

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LocateSmarter, LLC

LocateSmarter offers customizable batch skip tracing and compliance solutions that improve contact rates, reduce costs and mitigate risks associated with TCPA, FDCPA and more.

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LucentPay is a full-service payment processor revolutionizing the collections industry by providing best-in-breed payment solutions. Our No Cost to BillerTM model focuses on eliminating up to 90% of processing costs in a manner compliant with the FDCPA, CFPB and state law.

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Matrix Imaging Solutions, Inc.

Matrix Imaging specializes in collection letter processing. Matrix has a 30 year track record of providing industry leading products, services, custom programming, quick turnaround time, and customer care to collection agencies nationwide.

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MicroBilt has been a recognized pioneer in credit, alternative credit and risk management. Products cover the full cycle of business from vetting to originations to recovery. MicroBilt products are delivered through a single, easy-to-use, portal that can be customized to your business needs.

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Neustar, Inc.

Neustar, Inc. is a leading global information services provider driving the connected world forward with responsible identity resolution. As a company built on a foundation of Privacy by Design, Neustar is depended upon by the world's largest corporations to help grow, guard and guide their businesses with the most complete understanding of how to connect people, places and things. Neustar's unique, accurate and real-time identity system, continuously corroborated through billions of transactions, empowers critical decisions across our clients' enterprise needs.

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NLP Logix

NLP Logix, a leading provider of A1-powered enterprise solutions, leverages machine learning, advanced analytics, and intelligent automation to optimize performance in debt recovery and collections. NLP Logix's cutting-edge scoring solution, Paypensity, enables creditors, first party collections, third party collections, and billing organizations to increase collections, decrease cost, and minimize risk.

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Noble Systems Corporation

Noble Systems Corporation is a global leader in customer communications, providing innovative solutions for Unified Communications, Workforce Engagement, Gamification, and Analytics technologies. Tens of thousands of agents at client installations worldwide use Noble’s premise, cloud, and hybrid platforms to manage millions of customer contacts each day. Noble offers a unified suite of inbound, outbound and blended omnichannel communications, strategy planning, resource management, and compliance tools for companies of all sizes.

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Nordis Technologies

Nordis Technologies is a leader and innovator in providing technology solutions to solve customer communications management and payment challenges. With Nordis' patient-pending, cloud-based Expresso application and product suite, including ExpressoPay, businesses can quickly and efficiently create and manage critical print and digital communications and payments. Nordis delivers an end-to-end solution, with state-of-the-art document delivery systems, workflow management and digital transformation solutions for communications and payments.

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NPC, Inc.

NPC provides secure Collection Letters Production and Mail Delivery. Continually, one of the top suppliers to the Federal Government and a pioneer in data breach notification, we understand regulatory communications. We take a "do what we say, and say what we do" approach, thereby ensuring that collection letters are delivered to the right person, in the right place, at the right time...on time, every time.

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Ontario Systems

Ontario Systems, LLC is a leading provider of software and solutions to the accounts receivable management (ARM) market. Built on the foundation of our 35+ years of ARM industry experience, Ontario Systems’ products, including the Artiva RM™ product and the Contact Savvy® contact management solutions, provide receivables professionals highly configurable business process automation, the ability to manage complex lines of business, and the expertise to navigate compliance mandates and regulatory change. Ontario Systems’ customers make up eight of the 10 largest ARM companies, accounting for 55,000 representatives in more than 500 locations.

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OSG is a business technology partner providing collection agencies with a multichannel communication and payments solution. OSG’s comprehensive Accounts Receivable Management solutions includes collection letter design consultation and rendering, payment options via a user-friendly portal and a suite of other services that reduces our clients’ collections costs.

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Pay N Seconds

The pioneer in convenience fee processing for agencies offering innovative payment processing solutions tailored specifically to your needs. With Pay N Seconds you choose what you pay for payment processing.

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Payment Savvy

If you want to get paid, it's time to get Savvy! Making sure your agency collects receivables in a streamlined manner, is our #1 job. Our powerful suite of payment products will help increase revenue and boost productivity! Credit & Debit Card Acceptance - ACH Payments - Fee Free Processing - IVR - Online Payments

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PaymentVision has been providing digital payment solutions to clients in the collection industry for more the 25 years.

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The Payscout team has been offering a full range of payment processing options to collection agencies for over 10 years. Our products and interfaces are fully PCI and FDCPA compliant. We are committed to the collection industry; our staff is knowledgeable about operations and compliance issues that impact your business.

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PCI Group, Inc.

PCI Group is the complete customer communications resource for businesses in which client-centric data is key, and efficiency, and security are paramount; delivering intelligent workflow solutions that utilize technology, experience, compliance security, document processing, direct mail, and data security.

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PDCflow's Payment Hub offers a single platform for Accounts Receivable teams to send an invoice, collect a credit, debit or ACH payment and obtain a signature in one simple and secure workflow. The software offers text, email, chat and IVR payment channels, a customizable online payment portal and robust reporting.

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Peacock Consulting, LLC

Peacock Consulting provides CastIMS - a quality and compliance management software designed to promote collaboration and communication throughout your entire organization. Compatible with ACA's PPMSTM Certification program, CastIMS will provide a paperless environment for managing incidents and resolutions, client and consumer complaints, training records and document control.

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Peak Revenue Learning

Peak Revenue Learning provides a cloud-based employee education, compliance training, and knowledge retention application. KnowledgeLink will promote accountability, reinforce regulatory and policy knowledge, and provide tools to lower the cost of training. Automatically create documentation of the compliance training, accountability, and knowledge building efforts of the company.

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Phin Solutions, Inc.

Phin Solutions is a 19 year old information services company that help agencies better manage and identify individuals that are bankrupt, deceased, litigious in nature or are serving on active military duty. With Vigilant - CMSsm we help agencies avoid, FDCPA, TCPA, SCRA and Bankruptcy Stay violations.

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Provana, LLC

Provana is committed to optimizing the performance of the entire debt and collections ecosystem. With focus on targeted solutions with our leading software and KPO services. Our platform solutions include compliance management (IPACS), business analytics (IDAP), speech analytics (ICAP), and a collection resolution app (Iconnect247) to streamline the collections process.

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Quantrax Corporation, Inc.

Quantrax is proud to have pioneered the development of intelligent debt collection software for the accounts receivable management industry. RMEx was designed to help overcome the limitations of existing database systems, increase the levels of automation and meet the needs of an ever changing collection industry. RMEx is an entirely different collection system than our competitors sell as it is designed to help control account flow, comply with regulations, and monitoring costs on an account by account level.

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Receivables Management Association International

The Receivables Management Association International (RMAI) is a nonprofit trade association that represents the Receivables - Management Industry. RMAI's Receivables Management Certification Program and Code of Ethics protect consumers and businesses by setting the gold standard through uniform Industry best practices. RMAI provides networking, education, and business development opportunities through events and communications. RMAI also maintains a highly effective grassroots advocacy program at the state and federal levels. Founded in 1997, RMAI is headquartered in Sacrament, CA.

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Renkim Corporation

Founded in 1982, Renkim is a 100% employee-owned consumer communications company specializing in the production and distribution of various types of messaging. Through traditional print/mail and electronic channels like email and text, our team of 135 employee-shareholders will ensure that your communication reaches its intended audience in the designated timeframe. With client-partners in the Healthcare, Utility, Marketing, Financial, and Automotive industries, Renkim has 35+ years of experience in helping build custom communication solutions. Whether you're sending a statement, invoice, letter, bill, or notice, we can help. In addition to our state-of-the-art print operation we also Offer Iockbox and payment processing services. Renkim 360, our partner-facing portal, provides you with PDF archival access for all communications as well as USPS MailTrack data, eNotice Click Tactics, and customizable reporting. Our partner-driven approach includes SOC Type II, PCI-DSS, FISMA, and HIPAA compliance.

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REPAY is the premier payment technology provider for the collections industry. The REPAY platform provides direct integration to core systems and access to card and ACH processing, IVR/phone pay, text pay, and white-labeled consumer-facing payment portals, including a mobile app. Using the most secure, compliant and advanced technology available, REPAY simplifies payments for businesses and their customers.

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Resource Management Services, Inc.

Resource Management Services, Inc. provides consulting, regarding collection/compliance and oversight of third party service providers. Our site is a online resource for the industry, providing up-to-date news and a searchable database for service providers, agencies, debt buyers, debt sellers and portfolios for sale, etc. Complimentary twice weekly e-newsletter available.

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Revenly is the most advanced, cutting edge SaaS solution in the ARM industry. Revenly is transforming the consumer experience to enable effortless payments from any device, anywhere, anytime. Allow consumers to pay a self-service payment ecosystem online, mobile, SMS, IVR and in person that is easy to use.

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RevSpring is a high-growth technology services organization that provides intelligent communications and payment solutions to over 2,000 of the leading accounts receivables management, credit grantors, healthcare providers, and healthcare technology companies throughout North America. RevSpring enables it's customers to deliver over one billion personalized financial communications through print, email, SMS, voice and web channels.

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RNN Group, Inc.

RNN combines cutting edge technology, data science and data sets to deliver the first verified and accurate data procurement service. Founded by highly experienced industry veterans, RNN Group offers a sophisticated, technologically-advanced approach to identifying and delivering verified and accurate asset data sets to drive compliance and liquidation. This centralized approach provides lenders with control, consistency and visibility - leading to greater efficiency, faster liquidation and increased ROI.

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ROYDAN Enterprises Ltd.

We are the developers of Bloodhound debt collection software. We pride ourselves on doing things differently - not just the way we design our products, but the way we treat our customers.

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Solutions By Text

Servicing the lending industry for over 24 years by providing compliance based text messaging services. The consumer preference for text alerts provides a low-cost solution for billing reminders, account notifications and collection alerts. Services include Pay by Text, two-way texting for collections and inbound MMS.

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Sonnet by Palinode

Palinode offers compliance and productivity software to assist data furnishers with consumer disputes and Metro2 reporting. Sonnet, our automated credit dispute resolution platform, transforms processing performance by automating e-OSCAR and direct dispute workflows, reinforcing company policies and procedures and supporting compliance with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regulations for "reasonable investigation."

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SpeechIQ is a revolutionary, cost-effective speech analytics and quality management platform that helps drive agent productivity, operations efficiency and improved customer engagement. Through an exceptionally easy to navigate platform, it's easier than every to analyze calls for compliance, script adherence, sales effectiveness, and more.

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TCN, Inc.

TCN is a leading provider of cloud-based call center technology for enterprises, contact centers, BPOs and collection agencies worldwide. TCN combines a deep understanding of the needs of call center users with a highly affordable delivery model, ensuring immediate access to robust call center technology, such as predictive dialer, IVR, call recording and business analytics required to optimize operations.

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Telrock Systems, Inc.

Telrock Systems is a global technology provider of modern SaaS based enterprise-wide consumer collection & recovery management software designed for creditors and collection agencies. Represents the next level of collection functionality, flexibility, automation and performance. Includes omni-channel collection communication management, embedded digital channel messaging, and an interactive self-serve collection portal.

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The Intelitech Group

The Intelitech Group, a premier analytics provider for the ARM industry, provides consulting and technology solutions to help agencies work smarter to achieve optimal results.

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Titanium Legal Services

Titanium has been the preferred "middleman" of legal documents for over a decade. Our goal is to give our customers quality service, technology, efficiency, and fair pricing. Titanium is the only process service you will ever need. Period.

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TriVium Systems, Inc.

Collection agencies and law firms have trusted Trivium since 1996 to provide leading-edge call technology. Trivium is now pioneering the next technological breakthrough with SonicView Intelligence. With 100% call review to resolve your audit headaches and increased effectiveness of your collection calls, Trivium welcomes you to the future of compliance.

Exhibitor Details helps manage risk and fight fraud by providing quality (non-FCRA) data to US Businesses, Government Agencies, and Legal Industry Professionals. Our data is available for all GLBA purposes. We deliver the information you need when you need it, and always at the very best rates possible. Plus, our data is updated in real-time via our easy-to-use web product.

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VeriFacts, Inc.

VeriFacts has been a trusted partner to the financial industry for nearly 30 years, helping bring our clients a competitive edge by locating and verifying places of employment, residential phone numbers and addresses, and no contact solutions. VeriFacts specializes in creating customized programs built for you, delivering 100% guaranteed accurate information.

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VoApps DirectDrop Voicemail

VoApps DirectDrop Voicemail delivers a voice message directly to the consumer’s voicemail box without calling the phone. Immediately increase right party contacts, dollars collected, and liquidation rates. Agencies using VoApps deliver thousands of voicemails in a matter of minutes. This creates availability for collection agents to field the influx of inbound phone calls responding to DirectDrop Voicemail. New clients can be up and running in less than 2 business days!

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Voicesense specializes in speech-based predictive analytics with a groundbreaking approach to forecast individuals' behavioral tendencies. It applies patented signal processing techniques to analyze the non-content features of a person's speech. Linking those to personal characteristics enables to predict future behavior in real time, while on the phone with a customer.

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WebRecon LLC

WebRecon identifies "Professional Plaintiffs," "Serial Litigants," and "Frequent Fliers" lurking in your database BEFORE you contact them and expose yourself to an all-but guaranteed lawsuit. Protect your company from as many as one in three new consumer lawsuits by scrubbing your data through WebRecon first.

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Explore This Beautiful City!

Known by many as "America's Finest City," San Diego is famous for its amazing weather, beautiful beaches, local attractions, and vibrant nightlife. To fully take advantage of this wonderful city, here are our top recommendations for you.


San Diego not only has beautiful sights, but also delicious food!  With many diverse options and some great local restaurants, here are our top picks. For our veggie and vegan lovers, scroll down for our picks for you!

Local Joints

Experience some of the famous casual eateries San Diego has to offer!

Hodad's |  Hash House A Go Go |  Harney Sushi

Fresh Seafood

I mean, it is by the ocean, isn't it? If seafood's your jam, consider jamming out at one of these famous restaurants.

Ironside Fish & Oyster |  The Fish Market |  Eddie V's Prime Seafood |  Truluck's

Mexican Eats

San Diego is one of the best cities in the US to get delicious, authentic Mexican cuisine, and there's no shortage of options.  Here are our suggestions!

Baja Betty's |  The Mission |  El Agave   |  Puesto

Vegetarian/Vegan-Friendly Options

San Diego is chock full of vegan and vegetarian friendly places, but here are a few that caught our eye!

Ambrogio15 |  Tender Greens |  True Food Kitchen   |  Café Gratitude


San Diego is home to some premier shopping districts, including the famous Ocean Beach Antique District, filled with hundreds of dealers of antiquities just a block from the Pacific Ocean. In the historic heart of the city you will find the Gaslamp Quarter, a lively downtown district filled to the brim with fine dining, Victorian architecture, and a vibrant nightlife.  For those wishing to see a side of luxury, La Jolla is an upscale village along the coast with upscale restaurants, stylish name-brand stores, and tons of other shops to explore.


If music and dancing is on your mind, San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter is the place to go. With 16 walkable blocks and 10+ nightclubs, this district has live music from EDM to Country and dancefloors to keep you movin' and groovin' all night.

If you want to enjoy a night at a bar (or many), San Diego has you covered.  From speakeasies like Prohibition in the Gaslamp Quarter, to upscale places in La Jolla like We Olive & Wine Bar, San Diego has plenty of options for a fun night out.

The Options Are Endless

  1. Balboa Park is a historical, 1,400-acre site filled with stunning Spanish architecture, museums, gardens,and more. 
  2. Within Balboa Park, the San Diego Zoo is one of the largest and most famous zoos in the US. It is one of the few zoos in the country to have successfully bred pandas, and offers unique enclosures for its many exotic animals.
  3. Another place to go in Balboa Park is the San Diego Museum of Art, which is designed as a replica of the 17th-century University of Salamanca in Spain.  Featuring stunning architecture and exclusive pieces, this is a place you won't want to miss.
  4. If you're looking for a lovely afternoon stroll, venture to Seaport Village, a quaint (yet popular) district located on the waterfront. Filled with unique shops and plenty of attractions, this place is well worth a stop.
  5. History buffs rejoice – the Old Town San Diego State Historic Park gives visitors a view into the history of the town, both its Mexican and early American history. Plus, it's free!
  6. For a beautiful view of the city, the local landscape, and the ocean, take a scenic drive up to Point Loma.
  7. See one of the marvels of 20th century engineering at the USS Midway Museum.  The massive aircraft carrier is docked up permanently at Navy Pier.
  8. Take a day to appreciate the dreamy Southern California lifestyle at the Mission Beach Boardwalk, complete with an amusement park!
  9. For nature lovers and beauty-lovers alike, the Sunset Cliffs Natural Park offers stunning views of, you guessed it, the sunset. If you're lucky you may even see gray whales as they migrate to Mexico. 
  10. Take a peak into the religious history of the city at Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala, the first mission station in California, built back in 1769.

Four sessions on Monday, July 15 will be live-streamed from San Diego. Do you have a team back home that would benefit from complimentary education? Have them register online for a free sampling of convention sessions.

Unfortunately, after 2:00pm on Friday, July 12, we are no longer able to sell additional tickets. Our office team will not be able to confirm availability – please check with at the convention registration desk onsite to see if any tickets have become available.

Women4Women Reception – Sunday, July 14, 2:30pm – 3:00pm
A reception for women by women. This brief reception is an opportunity for women employed in the accounts receivables management industry to meet one another and share the dynamics of their experiences. Stop in to learn about this new group and discover methods to connect with colleagues.

Young Professionals Happy Hour – Monday, July 15, 5:00pm – 6:00pm
This newly created group will provide opportunities for young professionals (approximately 40 years old and under) in the accounts receivables management industry to connect, share their experiences and foster ideas for the future of the industry. Swing by the lobby bar library (to the left when you enter) for a drink with your colleagues.

Innovation Stage – All three days in the Expo Hall
The Innovation Stage schedule will be available on the mobile app this week and features presentations from select exhibitors and sponsors. Make time to check out these short presentations in the Expo Hall during your meal breaks.

Break Room – All three days outside the Main Stage
Need a brain break from all the sessions or a spot to catch up with a colleague? Grab a seat at the Break Room located in the Indigo Foyer on the 2nd floor.

Stay Hydrated and Reduce Waste
Bring your own water bottle and help us reduce waste! Water stations will be placed throughout the event space for convenient refills. If you forget your bottle or don’t have room for it in your suitcase, you can stop by Applied Innovation’s booth to pick up a reusable water bottle.

Community Service
We’re on a mission to pack 400 care packages for U.S. Service Members. Swing by the Operation Gratitude station next to the registration desk to assemble a few packages.

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No. Based on what we’ve learned from hotel and members in the area, the earthquakes have had little to no effect on downtown San Diego. Much of what you may be seeing on the news is located closer to Los Angeles. We are excited for the convention and our team is looking forward to welcoming you!

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