Gain critical regulatory and management knowledge with ACA core curriculum seminars.

Core Curriculum

Gain critical regulatory and management knowledge with ACA’s core curriculum seminars.  From advanced compliance seminars to introductory collector training, ACA has the programming you need for every stage in your career.

ACA has developed a wide variety of seminars from collector level to advanced training.  Whether it is compliance training or collection floor management, our seminars will meet your business needs.

Taught by the best in the industry—ACA Certified Instructors—most seminars are offered in multiple formats including face-to-face, online and self-paced training.

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  • Many of our seminars fulfill the education requirements for our designation programs.  Learn more about ACA Designations.


Meet ACA's Certifed Instructors

Joseph Adams

Dennis J. Barton III

John Bedard, Jr., Esq.

Leslie C. Bender, Esq., IFCCE

Stephen A. Bernheim, Esq.

LaDonna Bohling

Ron L. Brown, IFCCE, MCE

Amy Canaday

Debra J. Ciskey, IFCCE

Elizabeth Conklin

Cortney Fleming

David R. Glezerman, MCE

Jay E. Gonsalves, IFCCE, MCE

Tina Hanson, IFCCE

Irene Hoheusle

Michael A. Klutho, Esq.

Kelly Knepper-Stephens

Christopher R. Morris, Esq.

Pamela Murphy

Michael O’Meara, Esq.

Teri Plunkett

Karolyn Rubin, IFCCE

Jessica Skibbe

Harry A. Strausser, III, IFCCE, MCE

Brian Watkins, CCAE

Roger D. Weiss

Core Seminars

These seminars meet the educational requirements for ACA Designations.

Advanced Compliance: Conducting a Risk Assessment

Conducting a risk assessment of your compliance obligations is an essential component of the compliance management system process. In this advanced compliance course, you will  leave this seminar with specific tools you can use to conduct a risk assessment within the compliance management system life cycle.

Advanced Compliance: Controls and Corrective Actions 

Creating and implementing effective remediation plans to mitigate your compliance risk is a key component of a compliance management system.  This seminar will allow you to assess the controls that can be implemented based on your needs and help you drill down to specific project plans describing important elements such as actions, ownership, accountability and timing.

Advanced FDCPA Issues

Go beyond the essentials of the FDCPA. Take a look at relevant court decision, CFPB guidance and regulatory enforcement actions impacting compliance. Identify potential liability and defenses under the FDCPA.

Building High Performing Teams

Being an effective leader of a team requires the ability to manage your most important assets: people and relationships.  Leaders must be able to analyze and take advantage of team strengths, work with diverse styles, and create a competitive spirit that builds cooperation. This seminar will cover topics including strategies to successfully lead a team, work with different personalities and generations, hold an efficient team meeting and build morale. By the end of this seminar, you will have strategies and techniques for managing a diverse team of people to a higher level of performance.

Data Security and Privacy I

Data security breaches affect millions of consumers. As state data breach notification laws continue to grow and change, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of the regulations that apply to your business. In this seminar, you will learn to implement effective policies and procedures, notify consumers in the event of a data security breach and explore essential safeguards and strategies to develop a Data Security Compliance Program.

Data Security and Privacy II 

Data security breaches affect millions of consumers. In this seminar, the sequel to Data Security and Privacy I, you will explore practical privacy and data security tactics for using movable and removable media. You will also be introduced to a compliance perspective for social media and networking at work and be offered practical advice for handling security incidents in your own organization.

Duties of Data Furnishers Under the FCRA

If you furnish data for consumer reports, you know the importance of understanding the laws governing consumer reporting. Avoid liability under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) by learning how to identify portions of the FCRA that affect your daily operations, recognize how consumer reporting laws affect daily business decisions and remain in compliance with recent regulations regarding Identity Theft Prevention Programs.

Effective Performance Management

This seminar will provide the skills to effectively coach and manage your employees to achieve successful business results while creating and maintaining a positive work environment. Topics include giving everyday feedback and annual/mid-year/monthly performance reviews, discipline and corrective action.

Essential Collection Skills and Techniques 

Increase your collection results by ensuring your collectors learn how to effectively communicate and negotiate with a diverse population of consumers.  This training provides real-world scenarios that will help your collectors become more effective.  This seminar is offered online, face-to-face, and in CD-ROM or Web course formats. 

Ethical and Professional Collections

Ethics continue to affect the daily operations of the credit and collection industry. This seminar discusses guiding principles to keep you and your agency on the right path. Learn what the industry and your peers are doing to adhere to the ACA Code of Ethics and Code of Operations as well as how to develop internal compliance procedures at your company. This seminar will encourage ethical and professional behavior at all levels.

Exceptional Leadership

Being a leader presents unique challenges and opportunities. As a leader, you have to understand your role as a supervisor, manage difficult situations, prioritize your roles and responsibilities and manage your time effectively. This course will cover basic leadership principles to help you discover how you may become a better supervisor and leader. Throughout the seminar, reflect on your own leadership skills to consider how you may improve your supervisory techniques.

FDCPA Essentials for Collectors 

Ensure your collectors understand the law and how to apply it on the phones.  This interactive, scenario-based seminar will help your collectors stay FDCPA compliant in addition to understanding the consequences of FDCPA violations.   This seminar is offered online, face-to-face, and in CD-ROM or Web course formats.

Healthcare Collection Management (HCM) 

How does healthcare collections differ from other collection practices?  Learn about the differences and the successful strategies used to work with various types of healthcare accounts.  Go beyond the day-to-day tasks and understand important operational aspects of healthcare accounts including ways to avoid common complaints, the healthcare account lifecyle, strategies for collecting self-pay and Medicare accounts, and the risks and benefits of healthcare collecting.

Introduction to Collection Industry Compliance 

If you need help developing a compliance management system, this seminar is for you.  Gain a basic understanding of the compliance management system process and learn how to create the right team to lead and implement your system. Using the ACA compliance checklist, walk away with a plan to develop or improve your compliance management system.   

Managing the Collection Floor

Learn how to use key performance indicators, inventory and dialer management to help you reach your goals. This interactive forum gives attendees the chance to hear what other agencies are doing to improve collection floor operations.

Successful Hiring Strategies 

Make sure you hire the right candidate for your open collector position.  This seminar will help you develop interview questions and use an interview scorecard to take notes on three different candidates in this scenario-based training.  You’ll receive sample forms and learn key strategies and skills that will help you ask the right questions and evaluate candidate responses.

Trainer Specialist (TSP)

This seminar provides collection managers and trainers the tools they need to train their collectors in house on the ACA FDCPA Essentials for Collectors and Essential Collection Skills and Techniques. By earning an ACA Trainer Specialist Designation, you'll be able to bring ACA recognized training to your organization.

Understanding and Responding to the CFPB’s Expectations  

The ACA CFPB seminar will walk you through the key steps in a compliance management system lifecycle and point out what the CFPB is going to be looking for in that system. Recent CFPB activities will be provided along with tools to help you audit your compliance management system and assess the compliance risk for your company.

Writing Effective Policies and Procedures  

Are policies and procedures missing from your compliance management system? Or, do your policies and procedures need some attention? This course will provide information on the elements that should be included in writing a policy and procedure along with specific examples. You will be able to apply and adapt these examples to fit your needs.

Upcoming Core Seminars