Self-Paced Training

Like to learn at your own pace?  Check out our self-paced training opportunities and gain knowledge and skills on your own timeline.  ACA’s self-paced training is interactive, scenario-based and available in formats that fit your needs. Your collectors can take advantage of these products for maximum effectiveness on the phones:

FDCPA Essentials for Collectors

Ensure your collectors understand the law and how to apply it on the phones.  This interactive, scenario-based seminar will help your collectors stay FDCPA compliant in addition to understanding the consequences of FDCPA violations.   This seminar is offered online, face-to-face, and in a Web course format.

Essential Collection Skills and Techniques

Increase your collection results by ensuring your collectors learn how to effectively communicate and negotiate with a diverse population of consumers.  This training provides real-world scenarios that will help your collectors become more effective.  This seminar is offered online, face-to-face, and in Web course format. 

Connect to Collect

Test your collectors' ability to respond to different consumer personality types by putting them through real-world simulated calls in this training program.  They'll learn how to overcome stalls, use proper word choices, take effective call notes and anticipate consumer behavior.  This course is available as a CD-ROM only.

The Bigger Picture

Show your new hires and seasoned collectors how their success makes a difference to your company, your clients, consumers and the economy.  The Bigger Picture provides a snapshot of the role collectors play in recovering debt and the positive impact of their work.  This course is available as a DVD only.

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