Sample Letters

The following samples drafted by ACA are generally deemed compliant with federal law. Please be advised that the samples do not address state law issues. ACA does not review individual agency notices and cannot offer advice as to whether or not proposed language for collection letters complies with state or federal law.

Sample Collection Notices
Three collection letters are presented including variations for supporting documentation.

Sample Dispute Response Letters
The eleven samples in this document provide a starting point for collectors to tailor their responses to consumers’ disputes.

Sample Paid-In-Full Notice
Consumers may request a paid-in-full letter once an obligation has been fulfilled. Some states may require a letter or receipt be sent to a consumer once a debt has been paid in full.

Sample Post-Dated Check Notice
Demonstrates what to include in a post-dated check notice, which is required by the FDCPA.

Sample Represented Check (RCK) Notice to Consumers
Used when a physical check is presented and returned due to insufficient funds (NSF). A merchant or collection agency must provide notice to the consumer that they are going to represent the check before the check is received.

Sample Accounts Receivable (ARC) Notice to Consumers
Safe harbor language provided by Regulation E may be used to comply with notice requirements a merchant must send before changing a check into an electronic debit transaction.

Sample Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Prior Express Consent Notice
Sample prior express consent notice for collectors to place autodialed and prerecorded messages to a consumer’s wireless number.



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