Collection Notice Review Attorneys

Select attorneys have been recognized as attorneys who are qualified to conduct the risk control analysis of your collection letters for purpose of obtaining a policy through ACA. ACA members should select a Collection Notice Review (CNR) Attorney from this list and contact him or her personally prior to forwarding any collection notices for review. ACA staff members work diligently to ensure that the information provided in this list is as current as possible. NOTE: You are no longer required to select a CNR Attorney located in the state in which your agency is domiciled (i.e. maintains its principal office). Rather, you may select any CNR Attorney from the list. You are encouraged to talk with several CNR Attorneys prior to making a final selection to compare CNR fees and the services provided for such CNR fees, such as phone consultation, etc. All fee determinations are made between the CNR Attorney and the member. ACA does not receive any portion of these fees. ACA may not interfere with this contractual relationship. Please keep in mind the CNR Letter of Engagement is an agreement between you and the CNR Attorney. The fees for CNR services are subject to negotiation between you and the CNR Attorney. Please be sure you understand what services are covered and are not covered by the fee quoted in the CNR Letter of Engagement. If you are not sure what is included in the fee, such as telephone consultation, suggested language for collection notices, etc., request clarification from the CNR Attorney.

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