CFPB Reports

The CFPB frequently releases reports about its work, the industries it regulates, and the experience of consumers in the financial marketplace.  Some of the CFPB’s reports are issued at regular intervals such as the FDCPA Annual Report and the Monthly Complaint Reports, while others are more subject-matter focused and released on an ad hoc basis.  Below is a list of reports issued by the CFPB that are relevant to the debt collection industry. 

Consumer Response Reports

List of various complaint reports created by the CFPB’s Office of Consumer Response, including Annual Reports, Monthly Reports, and Complaint Snapshot Reports.

CFPB Annual Reports

Contains FDCPA and CFPB Financial annual reports, as well as annual reports from the CFPB Ombudsman, Student Loan Ombudsman, and OMWI.

CFPB Semi-Annual Reports to Congress

In fulfillment of its statutory responsibility under the Dodd-Frank Act, the CFPB submits Semi-Annual Reports to the President and Congress.  These reports are intended to provide an update on the Bureau’s mission, activities, accomplishments, and publications.

Miscellaneous Reports