LaDonna Bohling

LaDonna Bohling started out in the industry in 1984 working first party collections, she then worked in Economic Support Department for  Welfare Department for 11 years in Georgia.  In 1996 she joined Contract Callers, Inc., as Manager of their utility collections portfolio.    She then became the trainer for the agency, training all collection staff and created their Staff Development Program.  Her work with the welfare department brought a unique flavor to the agency’s collection processes. Her mission in the agency was to change the mindset of the collection staff to treat consumers with dignity and respect, showing them that you can be successful as a collector using consumer friendly methods.  She is currently serving as Director of Call Center Operations with Contract Callers.  LaDonna is very active with the Georgia Collector’s Association; and has served on their Board of Directors since 2010. LaDonna is married with two children (grown) and lives in Augusta, Georgia.  Her hobbies include reading, gardening and martial arts.  She currently holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt in TaeKwonDo and is a certified instructor in martial arts.