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ACA International’s Alliance ACA program develops strategic alliances through a stringent due-diligence process and approval by members on the ACA Holding Company Board of Directors. Once a need for a particular program or service is determined, companies are given the opportunity to submit a response to ACA’s Request for Proposal (RFP), and ultimately a partner is selected.

Participating Partners

ACA International is highly selective in determining which appropriate product or service companies to endorse. Through both financial and operational due diligence, ACA looks to provide high-quality programs and services for the credit, collection and asset buying industries. ACA reserves the right to determine which member benefits it may offer under this endorsed vendor program. If ACA chooses to endorse a particular product or service, it will only choose one vendor in that space.

ACA International will only consider companies with the following attributes:

  • Member benefit: The company’s products or services deliver value to credit, collection and/or asset buying professionals.
  • Member need: There is a member need for this product or service amongst our members.
  • Unique member offer: The product or service must be more attractive that what can be found in the general marketplace (i.e., lower price or enhanced benefits).
  • Tailored operations: The company must understand how to manage affinity relationships and will customize their products and operations to the unique needs of the credit, collection and asset buying industries.

ACA International collaborates with Alliance ACA vendors to help promote programs to ACA’s 4,000 members with co-branded promotional opportunities.

If you believe your product or service meets these criteria, please review the Alliance ACA Endorsement Guidelines and return the completed Alliance ACA form to Alliance ACA or fax to +1(952) 926-1624.

The ACA Holding Company Board of Directors will review the materials. If the board determines a product or service is a good fit for the Alliance ACA endorsed vendor program, ACA will allow 30 calendar days from the announcement date for other interested vendors to submit their completed questionnaire for review and consideration.

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