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Top Three Issues Keeping Compliance Officers Up at Night 

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Speakers: Judd Peak, Wendy Badger, Lauren Valenzuela

Legal, regulatory and risk issues are abundant and ever-changing. Join this expert panel of in-house chief compliance officers as they shed light on the top three issues that are keeping them up at night. In this session you'll also discover how being a compliance officer is much like playing professional hockey (baseball, football, soccer or basketball). 

A Peer's Guide to Digital Transformation 

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Speakers: Jeff Freedman - MRS BPO

You are constantly hearing the term "digital transformation" however nobody tells you how to make the transformation in the debt collection industry. Most often, you hear from industry experts that are primarily trying to sell us a product or service. In this presentation, you will hear from a fellow agency owner, not a salesperson, who will take you through their digital transformation journey and share some of their pitfalls, triumphs, and lessons learned along the way. 

Class Action Letter Claims Return and How to Avoid Them 

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Speakers: Michael Klutho, David Schultz, Jeff Turner

Class Actions based on collection notices are increasing. This session will address the claims "du jour" being attempted by consumer attorneys. Dynamic/static balances, 1009-C disclosures, the written/oral dispute conundrum and credit reporting disclosures. Listen in on a lively panel discussion about the nature of the current attacks and tactics and letter updates you consider implementing to lessen and avoid class action risks. 

Call Blocking and Labeling in the ARM Arena 

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Speakers: David King, Leah Dempsey

The facts are in: Carriers and app-providers disproportionally block outbound calls placed by the Accounts Receivable industry. This session will take a look at a recent study that measured exactly who is labeling and blocking your calls and to what extent this is happening. Then, you’ll discover what you, as an Accounts Receivable professional can do to protect your outbound calls and increase your call completion rates. 

The Five Mistakes I Made For You  

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Speakers: Ken Rubin

This year is my 20th year in the ARM industry. Those 20 years have brought me much successes, but not without many mistakes. In this session I will humbly share the top five of my best mistakes I have made along the way, which I hope you’ll relate to. My goal is to help others understand the importance of “learning through failure” in the context of business strategy and how to apply those lessons going forward. 

How to Manage Litigation Costs and Outside Counsel 

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Speakers: Rick Perr, Monica Littman

During the time of COVID-19, it is more important than ever to work efficiently as a team with your outside counsel. These uncertain times present a constantly changing regulatory landscape. This session will provide tips on how to collaborate with your outside counsel on litigation, regulatory matters, and compliance issues when you can’t meet together in person. We will also discuss how to make sure your company has up to date compliance procedures for remote work, budgeting for litigation in these uncertain times, necessary updates for your policies, and types of consumer lawsuits to expect as a result of the pandemic. 

DIY for Digital Communications: 10 Steps to a Robust Email Program 

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Speakers: John Bedard, Rozanne Anderson

Clients ask about it. Consumers demand it. Patients want it. If e-mail communications is on your to do list as a future strategy; it's time to rethink your strategy. Email, like text messaging, has come of age and should be an integral part of the experience your agency offers consumers. Understanding the legal pitfalls and learning from those in the trenches is your first step toward building a compliant e-mail communication program. Appreciating the unique requirements HIPAA presents when collecting healthcare debt using email is another. During this session you will receive a roadmap to guide you in building a robust email communication program that: -Complies with legal requirements -Satisfies HIPAA standards -Uses links as well as embodied messages to communicate information -Documents open rates and the date and time of delivery -Is supported by policies and procedures -Enhances the consumer debt collection experience -Readies your organization for the CFPB's pending new rules for debt collection.

Increasing Agency Collector Performance 

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Speakers: Ron Brown

The most successful contact strategies require different tactics at various stages of the claim's life cycle. If you do not have the available and properly trained staff to make potentially hundreds of calls per day, your right-party contact rates could suffer. Or, perhaps your collectors have the most impact during the mid or late stage when they can leverage relationships and utilize creative collections methods. This session will provide the tools and techniques required to identify the collection team's strengths and weaknesses and determine where they can make the greatest impact. During this session you will discover benefits of fully evaluating the effort expended and the consistent performance of your collection staff. Helping you to determine the overall success of your collectors and the strategies they are utilizing. Not only does collector evaluation allow you to determine the dollar amount being collected, but it can also identify opportunities to improve efficiencies and potential compliance violations.

How to Decide if New Technology is For You 

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Speakers: Tim Collins, Steve Wilansky

In this day and age of new technologies like email, SMS, ringless voicemail, and machine learning, how do you know which ones you can use? This presentation will give you the framework necessary to make that decision. Understanding the risks is the key to implementing any change, and we will walk you through the process and provide real examples. 

Trust But Verify: Preparing for and Handling the Client Audit 

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Speakers: Leslie Bender, Mark Laurent

In this session industry veterans will present both the creditor and agency perspectives on preparing for and handling client audits - something that is occurring with more frequency. The session will provide practical tips on organizing your compliance artifacts, developing reports and performance analyses, preparing employees for interviews, and hosting the onsite visits will be among the topics this session addresses.

Engage, Motivate, Gamify 

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Speakers: Jason Houston

Learn how to engage and train your employees as you transition out of this pandemic in an enjoyable way through the power of motivation and gamification.

Covering the Pre-Lawsuit 

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Speakers: Justin Penn, Jason Wehrle

This discussion between two litigation defense counsel will focus on developing a comprehensive and wholistic strategy for handling pre-filing threats of lawsuits from consumers in order to minimize both the costs of settlement and ultimate defense. It will address topics ranging from how to deal with a pro se litigant to things to do to prepare to defend the case.

How Can You Be an Extension of Your Healthcare Client? 

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Speakers: Irene Hoheusle, Beth Conklin

You are a vendor, you are an extension of your client’s business, and you are a partner. What title do you want your medical provider client to use when your agency comes to mind? In this session you will discover ways to become an extension of your Healthcare client’s business and make yourself that partner they need vs. their vendor agency that goes after people for their past due bills. There are ways to show your worth to your clients outside of the dollars and create long lasting relationships that keep clients coming back for more.

Answers to All Your Burning Questions 

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Speakers: Dennis Barton, David Kaminski, Issa Moe

This question-and-answer session provides a great opportunity for agency owners, compliance personnel, and operations managers to ask questions about the most important issues and receive answers from three attorneys whose specialties include legal collections, defense litigation, and in-house compliance oversight. The depth and breadth of their experience promises to engage the audience and provide you with a well-rounded response to all questions. The overall goal of the session is to give practical information in the most educational and entertaining manner possible.

Small Fish, Big Pond: Building a World Class Business that Swims Circles Around Competitors 

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Speakers: Jeff Mains

What do exceptional companies do well that mediocre companies do poorly or not at all? How do some companies achieve rapid growth while others plateau? What can business leaders learn from fish? Based on his new book, Jeff delivers proven strategies for small companies to compete, and consistently win over large, established players. Instead of trying to be the next shark, leaders who embrace their uniqueness change the rules of the game. These leaders create a buying frenzy and unleash massive growth potential. Size becomes irrelevant. The small eat the big! Designed for companies too small to be big, and yet too big to be small, gain timely and actionable insight successful entrepreneurs use to transform corporate culture, captivate ideal prospects, and futureproof their companies. You learn how to drive new revenue while delivering so much value that competitors end up spinning in circles. You're either an innovator or replaceable. You're either predator or prey. The choice is yours.

Omni-Channel Communications & Your Agency: Preparing Collectors for Success 

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Speakers: Greg Ruffino, Tracy Montour

Whether your agency is already employing an omni-channel communication strategy or you're preparing to go live with an omni-channel strategy in the future, there are still many challenges that our collectors face on a day-to-day basis. Texting, email, and other new technologies put collectors in a position they have never been in before. In this presentation, we will cover a few actionable tips for preparing your collectors for success in an omni-channel environment.

Go Digital or Go Home: Harnessing Digital Engagement and the Power of Data 

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Speakers: Joshua Allen, Greg Allen, Tim Collins

The people have spoken, and it's confirmed that the collection industry is ready to prioritize new technology, emphasis on SMS, email, IVR and other digital channels. Better yet - consumers agree! They prefer to use newer digital channels to pay with and communicate daily. The confusion is not what needs to be done, it's where do you start? You will learn how to start putting together an effective multichannel strategy by breaking down planning into 3 steps. Learn the benefits of how fully integrated digital assets can provide immediate value throughout your agency, from reporting to collection rates, and how easy it is to start for you to start.

Changing Workforces and Higher Placement Volumes: Prepare Your Data for Sustained Periods of Economic Uncertainty 

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Speakers: Todd Meeks, Matt Wolk

The collections world has endured sudden and drastic changes over the past three months, and uncertainty remains in employment, the economy, and the overall status of debt. With some level of stability returning to the operational environment, clients and vendors will need to maximize their ability to connect with consumers in ways that reduce the stress on newly developed systems and processes. With impending regulatory changes and limits on dialing, virtual work, and staffing challenges, the concerns for contact centers now far exceed margin pressures. Changes to consumer contact information and communication preferences will likely accelerate. Collections organizations that have more accurate consumer phone and email data, and insight into the phone behavior of their target consumers, will be better positioned to make the most efficient use of the new resource environment, and more efficiently make contact and arrange for resolution of their clients’ accounts. Is your agency prepared to collect on more accounts with the changes to operational structures? Learn how other agencies are improving their contact efficiency and effectiveness with emerging technologies and solutions.

Danger Ahead: Unintended Consequences of AI and How to Protect Yourself 

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Speakers: Katie Bakewell

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are making their way into the mainstream for Debt Collection. AI models can predict which consumers are most likely to pay, the channel that is most likely to influence a consumer, identify potential agent strengths, and monitor compliance from speech data, all with relatively high accuracy. You would not employ a model that determined who paid based on race or gender, but what if the model you utilize implicitly segments by national origin? In addition to the negative publicity protected class infringement can cause, implicit bias can be costly - recent lawsuits based on settlement letters sent with an unseen bias have resulted in settlements costing millions of dollars. The goal of this session is to inform the industry on safe, compliant use of machine learning. To achieve this goal, this session will: Look at the potential dangers of employing machine learning models and ways to avoid them. Discuss different model types, from completely transparent to black box, and how they affect usability. Walk through how to measure the level of implicit bias across protected classes in ML models and strategies for mitigation.

Managing the Whirlwind - Why Am I Busier Now Than I Was Before (Managing Your New employee "Rona") 

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Speakers: Kelli Krueger

All we can do is say WOW! Life was already a whirlwind of stuff you had to pay attention to just to get you through your day. You know – the stuff that must be done just to keep the lights on in addition to putting out fires, managing meetings, phone calls, clients, consumers and employees. Everyday life already had you wondering, “How in the heck am I going to get it all done.” Now a pandemic has disrupted our routine and forced to us stop, drop and roll into the “unnormal”. We do not even know what day it is most of the time and everyone is obsessed with time because the days, weeks and now the months are smushing together. We keep hearing people referring to life today being like the movie Ground Hog Day with Bill Murray. But the reality is, we couldn’t be any further away from Ground Hog Day as we have no idea what tomorrow looks like…a predictable future would be a dream right now. This session you will discover how to look at the opportunity this pandemic has presented and remake your relationship with time so. A relationship where you’re in control vs the other way around.


Do's and Don'ts of Outstanding Client Service 

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Speakers: Amy Canaday

Selling a service is different than selling a tangible product. When you sell a service, you’re essentially selling a relationship. How do you keep that relationship strong? By providing OUTSTANDING customer service! What happens after the sale is just as important as the events that lead to the sale. In our industry, it can take years to obtain a new client and only seconds to lose one. This interactive session will dive into creative ways in which your agency can provide outstanding client service, meant to engage and retain your existing client base. We’ll cover why customer service is important, the do’s and do not’s of customer service and tips on dealing with a difficult client. Every contact you have with a client either cultivates or corrodes that relationship. Join speaker, Amy Canaday, to learn how to make those contacts count.

Webpage ADA Compliance: Now Even More Important 

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Speakers: Laurie Nelson

Do you have a website? Has the COVID pandemic led to more use of your website? Have you ever considered whether your website is ADA compliant? This session uncovers the new trend in ADA lawsuits and ask that important questions to ensure your protected. Do you know if your website is accessible to people with low vision, blindness, hearing loss, learning disabilities, and limitation of movement? How do you make your website ADA compliant? Learn from the experience that some of the most well-known names such as Dunkin'' Donuts, Dominoes, and Winn-Dixie so you don't find yourself defending the same type of action. Learn what standards are considered compliant and about the various adjustments that you may need to make to your website asap.

Reacting to COVID Challenges and Preparing for Life After COVID 

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Speakers: Ted London, Adam Parham

The Coronavirus pandemic has presented the industry with an unprecedented set of challenges, from moving staff out of the office, to compliance challenges due to a wide variety of emergency State regulations, to calling debtors as the unemployment rate grew to unprecedented amounts. In addition, agencies must prepare for the Covid-normal, which is likely to result in more debts than ever, more need to automate processes, and new opportunities for automated communications. This presentation will talk about the challenges you are facing today, how one agency overcame those challenges, what the future looks like, and how you can prepare for the what’s to come.

Culture Matters 

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Speakers: Matthew Hill

Creating and maintaining a culture of trust, empathy and invention can have a significant impact on the performance and stability of any organization. When your team thrives so will your company. This session will include a discussion on the flaws in the traditional business model developed in the 1950's, shareholder primacy, and how to move to a culture that is far more productive and dynamic. You’ll learn how to develop a culture of responsibility, creativity, stability and loyalty by focusing on your company's greatest asset, it's people.

Keeping Track of Convenience Fee Compliance 

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Speakers: Michael Del Valle, Fishman, Fran Fisher, Julie Kaplan

Convenience Fee payment models continue their rise in popularity as a means of reducing an agency's payment processing costs by charging the debtor a flat fee for the convenience of accepting payments online or over the phone. In the fast-paced and ever-changing legal/regulatory environment, more legal cases are demonstrating the efficacy of this model while affirming the need for a fully compliant application. In this session, industry leaders in payments and compliance will share recent case-law examples that edify the application of Convenience Fee models and reveal the best-practices for implementing these models while remaining compliant with FDCPA requirements, State Laws, and Card-Brand Rules.

Data Security: Ask an Expert Panel 

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Speakers: Steve Akers, Keith Barthold, Leslie Bender, Miguel A. Clarke, Melissa Kirk

In this session FBI SA Miguel A. Clarke from the Dallas office will be joined by data security experts Steve Akers, Keith Barthold, Leslie Bender, and Melissa Kirk, to consider the cybersecurity vulnerabilities that have grown rampant since March. The panel will offer a practical series of tactics for small businesses to detect, prevent and mitigate these cybersecurity risks.

Compliance Management Scalable to Your Agency Size 

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Speakers: Porter Heath Morgan IV

This session will focus on how your collection agencies can compete and keep up to date with increasing compliance responsibilities. You will learn the latest trends and hot topics in compliance, as well as how to use your Compliance Management System to improve productivity and efficiency.

Leading Your Collection Staff Through and Beyond the Pandemic 

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Speakers: Alison Atkinson, Paul Lankes, Greg Ruffino

Almost overnight it seems like your world has changed both in and out of collections. The working environment for your collection staff has been altered and you need to meet the new challenges head on for your current and future needs. Has your staff leadership style and approach changed and should it? What analytics and performance trackers are the most important to keep your focus on? How are you training and developing your staff to meet our new needs? Can you keep our staff motivated and producing for the long term? This session will break down all these best practices, while encouraging and soliciting your questions and group suggestions to bring into the discussion. The end goal will be to deliver several concrete takeaways for immediate implementation along with group idea sharing.

Potential Enforcement Priorities Under Regulation F 

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Speakers: John Bedard, Debra Ciskey, Anthony DiResta

If Regulation F were to be adopted tomorrow, what changes would you need to make to your operations? Do you know how you would prioritize those changes? It’s important to think about what the bureau would prioritize for enforcement. What are the “gotchas” you should know about? This session will cover potential enforcement priorities for the bureau under Regulation F and what effect those priorities should have on changes you make to your operations. The speakers will also cover how to roll out training to your staff that will result in necessary behavior changes.

Strategies for Reducing the Cost to Collect in Healthcare 

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Speakers: Tom Ziel

Cost-to-collect is a critical metric for healthcare financial leaders, but what is the right approach? This session covers collection strategies that focus on top-line growth opportunities that you can fund with channel engagement efficiencies for net neutral cost results. You’ll learn why straight cost-cutting measures are risky and why a “Digital First” strategy should be used to exceed consumer expectations and drive better results.

Which Voice Technology Reigns Supreme? 

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Speakers: Erin Stewart, Dara Tarkowski

This session will feature a discussion on different automated voice technologies and how they stack up in a compliant fashion with Outbound Dialing Campaigns. How can you use these technologies to enhance consumer experience, compliance adherence, and revenue generation within a billing, servicing or collections organization? What do you need to know about the TCPA and deploying voice technologies in outbound and inbound applications? You will learn which technologies to avoid and which to use to add real value to your organization.

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