These international collection experts are ready to assist you when you need to forward an account or have a question about collections in a particular country or region of the world.

It is easy to search company members by country using the ACA Member DirectoryUse the "Country" drop-down menu to select which country you wish to search.

Would you like to network and build relationships with ACA members who collect or forward international accounts?
You are invited to join the “International Debt Collection” discussion group at The Hub, ACA’s online members-only community. As part of this group you can post and respond to questions about international collections. To join, visit The HUB and log in using your ACA member username and password. Under My Profile select My Subscriptions to choose how frequently you wish to receive e-mail notifications of new postings and responses (real-time or daily digest).

The International Division of ACA
The purpose of the International Division is to enhance the exchange of information and ideas among non-U.S. companies who are professionally engaged in performing services related to the accounts receivable management industry. International Division membership is open to non-U.S. companies for an organization membership or an individual employed by a non-U.S. company for an individual membership. Applicants must be lawfully organized under the law of a country in one of the following five geographic regions: Asia/Middle East; Australia/New Zealand (includes the island nations of Oceania);  Canada; Europe/Africa; Latin America/Caribbean. The International Division elects one delegate to the ACA International Council of Delegates from each of the five geographic regions.



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