Collectors Challenge

Each April, ACA International members and their employees participate in fun activities promoting the value of the credit and collection industry in their communities.

Download the Collectors Challenge Toolkit today to get started:

New for 2017! Your Company Can Take Part In the Collectors Challenge Scholarship Contest  

Collectors Challenge Month comes with an added bonus this year, the chance to win one of five $1,000 Loomer-Mortenson Scholarships from the ACA International Education Foundation (ACAEF)

The ACAEF will make awards to participating member companies with the most fundraising proceeds, most creative Collectors Challenge activities and for submitting a video of highlights from the month in the first ever Collectors Challenge Fundraising Contest.

The five Collectors Challenge prize scholarships are being awarded in addition to the 15 merit-based scholarships that are open to all Loomer-Mortenson Scholarship applicants.

Collectors Challenge Month kicks off April 1 and the contest runs from May 1 through May 30, 2017.

Collectors Challenge contest prize categories include:

  • Most funds raised by a tier three (100 or more employees) company member entrant during Collectors Challenge.
  • Most funds raised by a tier two (25-99 employees)company member entrant during Collectors Challenge.
  • Most funds raised by a tier one (1-24 employees) company member entrant during Collectors Challenge.
  • Most creative Collectors Challenge fundraising activity.
  • Best entrant video submission.

Entrants must participate in a Collectors Challenge fundraising activity in April; submit a completed Collectors Challenge Month Final Report documenting their activities along with proceeds to the ACAEF, and/or a video documenting highlights of Collectors Challenge. Click here to view the full contest rules.

What is Collectors Challenge?
Collectors Challenge Month provides an opportunity to get involved in the important work of the ACA International Education Foundation. Many ACA members will hold fundraisers and collect small, personal donations for the right to enjoy casual dress, while others have planned a special company outing open to those making a donation. Creativity is encouraged and the campaign is intended as a fun, engaging activity that also generates awareness of the Foundation’s programs.

Money raised allows the Foundation to expand the Loomer-Mortenson Scholarship program advancing the higher education of members and their dependants.

By supporting the ACA International Education Foundation, you can help create a more positive public image of the industry, and encourage your colleagues to take pride in the work they do. Let’s work together this spring to do something incredible for collectors and this industry.