Board of Directors

ACA’s Board of Directors governs the property, affairs, activities, and concerns of the association.

ACA International is governed by its Council of Delegates and Board of Directors. Much of the association’s critical work is accomplished through member committees. ACA has a variety of key governing documents, including a strategic plan, Bylaws, and Standard Operating Procedures.

Collector Magazine
Training Zone
Vice President,
Day Knight
& Associates
Kevin Baich


Kevin M. Baich is the vice president of Day Knight & Associates in Ballwin, Missouri. He currently serves as ACA’s president. After a 20-plus-year career in the retail industry, in 2000 Baich entered the accounts receivable management industry through a California-based company before helping launch Day Knight & Associates, a firm that specializes in medical debt collections. A passionate advocate for the accounts receivable management industry, Baich understands the importance of talking with legislators. Baich is an active ACA member and has chaired and served on several committees. He has earned ACA’s Scholar designation and served on the board of the Missouri Collectors Association, including several terms as treasurer. Baich was elected to ACA’s board in 2016 and reelected in 2019, and served as ACA treasurer and president-elect.

Bureau USA
Courtney Reynaud


Courtney Reynaud is president of Creditors Bureau USA in Fresno, California, and is the third generation to own and operate her company. Her professional experience is rooted in the health care industry, with a special understanding of law and consumer rights. Reynaud has served in various capacities on the board of the California Association of Collectors, including terms as president, vice president, treasurer and member at large. She continues to serve in an active role on the state legislative committee. Reynaud worked on ACA’s Council of Delegates from 2016-2019 and was elected to the ACA Board of Directors in 2019. She has earned ACA’s Credit and Collection Compliance Officer, Healthcare Collection Management, Professional Collection Specialist, Scholar and Trainer Specialist Program designations. She was named one of the Top 20 Most Powerful Women in Collections and Top Woman Leader in the Accounts Receivable Industry by Collection Advisor/Receivables Advisor.

Williams and
Fudge, Inc.
David Williams


David Williams is president of Williams and Fudge Inc. in Rock Hill, South Carolina.   Williams, a second-generation collector, is an active member of the South Carolina Collectors Association, having participated in the unit’s board in multiple roles, including a term as president.     Williams joined ACA’s Council of Delegates in 2012 and was elected to the board in 2018. He served as chair of ACA’s ACPAC Committee and was a valuable member of ACA’s Dues Task Force and Advocacy Committee. He has earned ACA’s Professional Collection Specialist, Fellow and Scholar designations. In 2018 he won ACA’s Harry Strausser Jr. ACPAC Ambassador Award and in 2010 he won ACA’s Kurt Swersky Award.     Williams serves on many local boards as well, including the Rock Hill Sports Commission, York Technical College Foundation, Rock Hill Economic Development Corporation and the executive team building Miracle Park, the largest park in the world for people of all abilities.

Owner &
Managing Attorney
The Barton Law Group, LLC
Dennis Barton


Dennis J. Barton III is the owner of the Barton Law Group, the collection firm for Missouri and Illinois. Barton files collection lawsuits on behalf of agencies and creditors throughout the states of — one more time — Missouri and Illinois. Barton is a member of ACA International’s Board of Directors, past president of the Missouri Unit, Missouri’s State Compliance Chair, a designated Credit and Collection Compliance Attorney, and the 2020 ACA Certified Instructor of Year.

Compliance Officer
Callers, Inc.
LaDonna Bohling


LaDonna Bohling, IFCCE, CCCO, is the chief compliance officer at Receivable Solutions LLC in Columbia, South Carolina. Bohling joined ACA’s Council of Delegates in 2013 and was elected to the board in 2020. LaDonna is a well-known ACA Certified Instructor who has taught more than 30 seminars. She’s been honored with multiple ACA awards.
Gulf Coast
Bureau, Inc.
Jack Brown


Jack W. Brown III Esq. is president of Gulf Coast Collection Bureau Inc. in Sarasota, Florida. Brown is a second-generation collection agency owner. As a longtime active ACA member, he chaired ACA’s Audit and Unit and State Affairs committees and earned ACA’s Fellow and Scholar designations as well as ACA’s Kurt Swersky Award, which recognized his leadership skills. He was elected to ACA’s Board of Directors in 2015 and served as 2018/19 ACA president. Brown continuously volunteers his time to the Florida Collectors Association and has served in several board roles, including president. He received ACA’s Unit Leader of the Year Award in 2013 for his lobbying efforts to remove or modify important sections of the Florida state statute to be less onerous for the ARM industry. Brown and Gulf Coast Collection Bureau successfully litigated the case of Mais v. Gulf Coast Collection Bureau Inc., which was pivotal in providing clarification of consent under the TCPA.
Jacob Corlyon


Jacob Corlyon is co-founder and CEO of Capital Collection Management LLC in Syracuse, New York. He studied business administration and management at Bryant & Stratton College and State University of New York College at Oswego. Prior to starting CCM in 2013, he honed his skillset in the collections and legal departments at Bankers Healthcare Group. He has earned ACA’s Collection Industry Professional, Professional Collection Specialist and Scholar designations. He is also an IACC Certified Commercial Collector, a Certified Receivables Compliance Professional through RMAi and has his National Skip Tracers Certification through RISC. He joined ACA’s Council of Delegates in 2018 and was elected to the board in 2021. Corlyon has served on the board of New York State Collectors Association since 2014, including two terms as president. He was named one of the top 50 receivables professionals by Receivables Advisor. He was also a 2019 40 Under 40 honoree in the Central New York Business Journal.
Client Services
Ronna Denny


Ronna Denny is the senior vice president of client services at CollectionCenter Inc. in Rawlins, Wyoming. She is a member of CCI’s executive leadership team and provides consistent support to clients as well as departments within the organization. She graduated from Montana State University-Billings with a liberal arts and sciences degree. Denny has been very active in Associated Collection Agencies Inc. and currently serves as president. She has earned ACA’s Collection Industry Professional, Credit and Collection Compliance Officer, Professional Collection Management, Trainer Specialist Program and Scholar and Fellow designations. She has served on ACA’s Ethics Committee and is a regular contributor to Collector magazine. She is a board member of the Rawlins-Carbon County Area Chamber of Commerce as well as the Rawlins Music Academy.
State Collection
Service, Inc.
Tim Haag


Tim Haag is president of State Collection Service Inc. in Madison. He was elected to serve as an interim director on the board in 2021. Haag is a longtime member of ACA and has participated in several association committees over the years. He is a member of Group50 and served on ACA’s Council of Delegates. He is active in the Great Lakes Unit, including serving a term as president. He currently serves as chair of the ACPAC Committee. Under Haag’s leadership, the ACPAC Committee has helped raised more in the first half of 2021 than it had since 2014, with a goal of continuing to raise much more. Haag has earned ACA’s Fellow and Scholar designations as well as the Credit and Collection Compliance Officer designation. He was awarded the Kurt Swersky Award in 2013, the Warren Siem Award in 2015 and the Member of the Year Award in 2021.
Attorney &
Bassford Remele
Michael Klutho


Michael Klutho is a shareholder with the Minneapolis law firm of Bassford Remele, P.A. He earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Missouri-Columbia, a master’s in zoology from Southern Illinois University and a Juris Doctor from William Mitchell College of Law. Klutho has represented ACA members in thousands of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act claims and lawsuits. He is a charter member of ACA’s Members Attorney Program and served on ACA’s Council of Delegates. He has volunteered on many ACA committees over the years, including the Judicial Committee and CNR Review Committee. As an ACA Certified Instructor, Klutho presents on compliance with the FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA and related issues. He’s earned ACA’s Fellow, Professional Collection Specialist, Scholar and Trainer Specialist Program designations and was honored with multiple ACA awards. Klutho currently serves as president of GLCCA and as a member of ACA’s board.
Operating Officer
Healthcare Collections-I, LLC
Christian Lehr


Christian D. Lehr is co-owner and president of Healthcare Collections-I (HCI) LLC in Phoenix, which has been an ACA Blueprint Quality Management System certified company since 2012. Lehr graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, with a bachelor’s degree in industrial administration. In 1999, he started at HCI as the assistant collections manager, became vice president/COO in 2003, and took on the role of president in 2020. Lehr has been an active ACA member for many years, participating in the association’s Dues Task Force, Health Care Committee and Website Committee. He most recently chaired ACA’s Unit and State Affairs Committee prior to becoming a board member. He was named to the ACA Holding Company board in 2006 and worked on ACA’s Council of Delegates from 2012-2014. He was awarded the ACA Scholar designation in 2011, and the ACA Fellow designation in 2016.
Independent Recovery
Resources, Inc.
Anita Manghisi


Anita Manghisi, IFCCE, is the president and CEO of Independent Recovery Resources Inc. in Patchogue, New York. Manghisi is one of the most enthusiastic and active members of ACA’s grassroots lobbying team. She has spent years building a positive working relationship with U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y. Manghisi has also served her state unit as president of the New York State Collectors Association and is the current legislative chairwomen. In 2017, she received ACA’s All In Award in recognition of her advocacy efforts. She was also elected to serve ACA’s Board of Directors that same year, and was reelected in 2021. As a board member, the first item on her agenda was to propose the newly formed Women in Collections Resource Council, about which she is extremely excited and passionate.
Chief Relationship Officer,
Wakefield & Associates, Inc.
Gregg Swersky


Swersky has been in the ARM industry for more than 40 years. He initially worked for his brother, Kurt Swersky, who ran a Tennessee-based company called Adjustment Service of Knoxville. Upon his brother’s death in December 1990, Gregg stepped up to the role of president and CEO, managing about 50 employees. Eventually, the company became Revenue Recovery Corporation and later merged with Wakefield & Associates. Swersky has earned ACA’s Fellow and Scholar designations and the International Fellowship of Certified Collection Executives and Kurt Swersky awards. He’s also served on ACA’s ACPAC and Education committees. He was elected by the Board of Directors in 2018 to fill a vacancy created by a resignation and was reelected to the board in 2019. Swersky is a past president of the Tennessee Collectors Association and a former member of the unit’s board of directors.
Collect Northwest
Brian Watkins


Brian Watkins is the owner and president of Southern Oregon Credit Service Inc. in Medford, Oregon. He started out in the ARM industry in 1990 as a salesperson for Southern Oregon Credit Service. In 2001, Brian and his wife Denise purchased the company, and in 2020 acquired Fidelity Collection Service in Hillsboro, Oregon. Watkins is an ACA Certified Instructor. He is a two-time winner of both ACA’s Unit Leader of the Year Award and Fred Kirschner Instructor Achievement Award. He’s earned ACA’s Fellow, Professional Collection Specialist, Scholar and Trainer Specialist Program designations. Watkins has volunteered his time to several ACA committees. Southern Oregon Credit Service achieved ACA’s Blueprint quality management certification in 2008. Watkins is active in the Oregon Collectors Association, serving two terms as president. He served on ACA’s Council of Delegates and was elected to the board in 2020.
Collection Bureau Services, Inc.
Jennifer Whipple


Jennifer Whipple is president of Collection Bureau Services Inc. in Missoula, Montana. She graduated from the University of Montana School of Business Administration in 2008 with a degree in business administration and management and has worked at Collection Bureau Services Inc. since 2001. She is a third-generation collection agency owner who started working at Collection Bureau Services while still in high school. Over the years she has worked in every department in the company and in almost every role, including as a data entry specialist, legal assistant and collector. She moved into the position of president after her father’s retirement in 2018. Whipple has served on the board of the Montana Collection Association for more than a decade. Whipple joined ACA’s Council of Delegates in 2020. She is a member of ACA’s new Governance Task Force. She has earned ACA’s Scholar and Professional Collection Specialist designations and in 2020 received the Unit Leader of the Year award.
ACA International
G. Scott Purcell


Scott Purcell is ACA’s current CEO. He previously served as president of Professional Credit in Springfield, Oregon, as well as ACA’s 2020/21 president. Purcell graduated from Oregon State University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and early in his career worked as a CPA and chief financial officer for several organizations. He joined Professional Credit as its chief operating officer in 2010. Purcell is an enthusiastic supporter of the ARM industry, as well as ACA. He participated in ACA’s LevelUp event for the last several years and was twice honored with ACA’s Warren Siem Award for innovation. He has presented at several ACA events, volunteered with multiple ACA committees, including Judicial—and chaired ACA’s Budget and Audit Committee. He’s earned the Fellow, Scholar, Healthcare Collection Management and Professional Collection Specialist designations. He was elected to the ACA Board of Directors in 2017 and served as 2018/19 treasurer and 2019/20 president-elect.
Alliance ACA
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Alliance ACA
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