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Health Insurance/Employee Benefits

Discounted health insurance and other employee benefits from Aon Affinity and AHIX Health.

ACA International members now have access to a health insurance program for themselves and their employees. ACA has partnered with Aon Affinity and AHIX Health to offer group, individual and family major medical at significant savings.

ACA members can benefit from the large number of association participants who place their coverage through AHIX Health. This large amount of business provides AHIX with the leverage needed to negotiate unique, yet comprehensive, coverage structures resulting in significant cost savings. Through AHIX, ACA members also have access to other programs such dental, vision, disability, long-term care and life insurance.

For complete information about ACAs health insurance program, review answers to frequently asked questions about the program, visit http://www.acainternationalhealthplans.com or call a AHIX licensed representative today at (866) 425-2708.


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