PPMS is a management system for collection agencies based upon developing, implementing and adhering to a set of industry-specific professional practices and policies.

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The ACA International PPMS program includes 18 basic elements. Developing and documenting a PPMS is the core of the ACA International Agency Certification program.

  1. Those which relate to the overall management of the business.
  2. Those which relate to the business activities.
  3. Those which provide support to the businesses activities.
  4. Those which provide client confidence.

The PPMS is not a prescriptive program—this is not a cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all industry—nor is it a single recipe for effective management. Through the PPMS program, a company will have the freedom to define its own procedures.

What if your agency could:

  • Cut down on the number of mistakes it makes?
  • Increase communication among various departments?
  • Handle client issues in a more efficient and professional manner?
  • Achieve bottom-line improvement?
  • Be recognized for adhering to an industry standard?

ACA’s PPMS can help your company achieve this and more!

Get started with ACA’s Foundational Training on PPMS seminar, available as a face-to-face and online. Visit the ACA Events Calendar for the upcoming schedule.

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