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Advanced Designations

Earn a higher-level professional designation!

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Advance your career by earning one of ACA’s Credit & Collection Compliance Designations, Health Care Collection Management or Trainer Specialist designations. More Details

1. ACA’s Credit & Collection Compliance Designations

ACA’s Credit & Collection Compliance credentialing program will help take you and your company to the next level of compliance understanding. This NEW two-tiered format provides the ideal level of education required for every compliance-related professional, with all courses available online. Watch for additional updates, including exam information, coming soon!

Credit & Collection Compliance Professional (CCCP) Designation
Perfect for the professional who devotes a portion of their job function to compliance, this designation provides a base level of knowledge that will help them comprehend the significance and impact of proper compliance procedures.

Required educational components:

  • Introduction to Collection Industry Compliance
  • Writing Effective Policies & Procedures
  • FDCPA Hot Topics
  • Ethical and Professional Collections


  • Exam (The exam is currently under development.  This Web page will be updated when the exam becomes available.)

Renewal Requirements:

  • Attend ACA Spring Forum, Fall Forum, Convention OR
  • Attend two compliance-related ACA teleseminars

Credit & Collection Compliance Officer (CCCO) Designation (Advanced Level)
Designed for the advanced professional, typically a Chief Compliance Officer, this designation provides an in-depth range of knowledge on compliance strategy in the debt collection industry.

Required educational components:

  • Writing Effective Policies & Procedures
  • Advanced Compliance: Conducting a Risk Assessment
  • Advanced Compliance: Controls & Corrective Action
  • Understanding & Responding to the CFPB’s Expectations
  • FDCPA Hot Topics
  • Ethical & Professional Collections
  • Understanding the FCRA
  • Data Security & Privacy


  • Exam (The exam is currently under development. This Web page will be updated when the exam becomes available.)

Renewal Requirements:

  • Attend ACA Spring Forum, Fall Forum, Convention OR
  • Attend four compliance-related ACA teleseminars

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I took the “old” CCCO seminar but haven’t taken the exam yet. Can I finish under the previous requirements?
A: Yes, but only for a limited time. Contact campusaca@acainternational.org for more information.

Q: I already hold the CCCO designation. What do these changes mean for me?
A: ACA staff will be sending information to current CCCO designees on how their credentialing will transition under this new format.

View a list of current CCCO Designation recipients.

2. ACA’s Health Care Collection Management designation provides training and testing to measure knowledge of health care requirements and professional practices in the collection industry.

HCM Requirements:

  • Health Care Collection Management 
  • Ethical & Professional Collections 
  • Data Security & Privacy 
  • Pass the HCM exam with a score of 85% or higher.

Download the Health Care Collection Management exam application for more information. This program requires a three-year renewal - download the Health Care Renewal Form for more information.

View current list of Health Care Collection Management recipients.

3. ACA’s Trainer Specialist designation allows you to teach ACA’s core collector courses at your own organization! Upon completion of this training program, your collectors will be ready to take ACA’s Professional Collection Specialist certificate exam.

Prerequisites for Trainers:

  • FDCPA Essentials for Collectors
  • Essential Collection Skills & Techniques 

  • Trainer Specialist seminar

  • Pass the Trainer Exam with a score of 90 percent or higher.

To register for the next Trainer Specialist seminar, visit the Event Calendar. Download the Trainer Specialist exam application to purchase your exam or to learn more about the requirements. This program requires renewal every three years. Download the Trainer Specialist Renewal Form for more information.

View a list of current Trainer Specialist recipients.

Contact Information: Send your completed applications to fax: (952) 926-1624 or e-mail: campusaca@acainternational.org.

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