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West Virginia Supreme Court Upholds Attorney General’s Subpoena Power in Case Against Asset Buyer

The company allegedly had been conducting some of its business without a license, which prompted a lawsuit.

The West Virginia Supreme Court recently upheld the state attorney general’s subpoena power in a case against an asset buyer, the West Virginia Record reported.

Former West Virginia Attorney General Darrell McGraw sued the asset buyer in June 2010, alleging that the agency had been conducting some of its business without a license. McGraw also issued an investigative subpoena earlier in the year.

In October 2011, Kanawha County Circuit Court Judge James C. Stucky sided with the attorney general and ordered the asset buyer to stop all wage garnishments and to release all liens filed against West Virginia consumers’ property stemming from judgments obtained by its companies before they became licensed, according to the report.

Stucky also ordered the company to comply with the subpoena, which prompted a challenge from the asset buyer.

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